Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You know you're pregnant when.....(Melissa version)

So, I realize I haven't posted much for a very long time and that is because for 10 weeks or so I have been very sick and SO tired. While I was hanging out on the couch one day I thought of this post, I was going to post it later when I thought of more, but knowing me these days, I would have forgot it even existed and then it would have never been posted.
I have been feeling a lot better lately and my energy is back! It feels good to get things done again! So, this is the Melissa version of:

You know you're pregnant when:
  • You thought about a funny post where you list all these funny things that happen to you while you are pregnant, but then when you go to write the post you can only remember half of them.

  • You always swore you would never use TV as a "babysitter" but right now Dora is the most qualified person in the house to "watch" your kids.

  • You lose your credit card, but then find it a week later in your wallet, right where it's supposed to be.

  • The ending to the movie Cars makes you cry.

  • You feel very accomplished if you do a load of laundry.

  • It's a miracle if that load of laundry gets folded and put away.

  • You don't want to leave the couch even for something good like fries. Did you say fries? Let's go get some. Right now!!!

  • You're in the shower and realize you are all out of shampoo. You get out of the shower, get ready to go to the store to buy some. When you get home you realize you forgot to buy shampoo.

  • You are dying for a home cooked meal, but the smell of your oven heating up makes you want to barf.

  • You hate the word barf.

  • For some reason the thought of shrimp makes you sick. Not the taste necessarily, because before you were pregnant shrimp were your favorite, but the thought of their fat, pink, curled up slimy bodies makes you want to hurl.

  • You also hate the word hurl.

  • You get more sleep than your toddler.

  • You have to get popcorn at the movies just so you have something to do so you don't fall asleep.

  • You want to.....wait, what was I going to say!!?

  • Your kids haven't worn matching clothes for weeks.


Mindy said...

This is EXACTLY how I feel each time I am pregnant ... Err, wait. Nevermind. :) Hope you are feeling better soon!

Camille and Paul said...

•You are dying for a home cooked meal, but the smell of your oven heating up makes you want to barf.

That is SOOOOO true. And all the above. Except I have never craved shrimp like you did. I am so glad you are getting over the sickness hump.

When I was really sick with Jayne I would distract my mind by playing solitaire/hearts over and over on my phone laying down at night when it was the worst.

I can imagine being pregnant with two young ones is even harder!!! I love you lots!

We are coming to Brigham City tomorrow to celebrate some birthdays, I will bring your coat and hopefully drop it off to you once and for all.

I miss you. Are you moving to Bountiful? We just need a good chat on the phone. I will call you. now. :)

Mogie said...

haha you said barf and hurl.

I always cry at the ending of Cars, that Lightning McQueen, what an actor.

And that other thing I was going to say . . . I forgot too!