Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Maid

Tonight Jordan sneakily brought in a handful of dirt from outside and dropped it on the linoleum in front of our front door. I didn't have time to clean it up before leaving for an enrichment activity and I guess while I was gone Jordan was getting pretty annoyed with it being on his "basketball court." He told Benji a few times, "I want mommy wash dirt." I hope that's not all I'm good for!!

May Day

Samuel Hadfield* will make his entrance into the world on May 1st**.

*Name subject to change.
**That's 31 days!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

San Diego

Here is one more post of some of the fun we had before leaving for Utah. We spent some time in San Diego at a beach. It was pretty cloudy and cold that day, but it didn't stop Jordan and Benji from having fun in the water.

Building a castle.

Oh no! It's filling with water!!

I like this picture because it looks like Jordan isn't sure what to do about his castle getting covered with water.

I don't know why he's jumping like this, but he's excited about something!

Then Jordan discovered how much fun it is to throw wet sand. The next few pictures are him in action.

I thought this was cute...it's what the sand looks like after he grabs fist fulls to throw.

and this is what he looks like after grabbing fist fulls of sand to throw.

Water splashed in Jordan's face, and this his reaction to getting salt water in his mouth.

Getting chased by a wave.

This is what the beach is like with a little person. Sand sticks to everything!

Knott's Berry Farm

Before we left for Utah we spent a day at Knott's Berry Farm. We bought tickets about a year ago so we could go with Benji's sister and family, but the night before we were going to go we all got the stomach flu. We had a lot of fun, but we definitely like Disneyland better. I actually could only go on three rides. They don't let pregnant women ride anything, not even the little kid rides. On top of that they only have a few rides for children, so if you want to make a trip to Knott's Berry Farm make sure your kids are tall enough for the fast rides and don't go if you are big with child. I actually had a lot of fun, but I do miss roller coasters!Jordan met Snoopy.

I handed the employee the camera to take a picture of our family and this is what we got. I don't think we were ready for this picture. :)

Jordan loved this "blimp" ride!

This was one of the rides I was able to ride so I had to take a picture. WEEEEEE!!!

If you are pregnant and feeling fat, make sure when you get a picture taken your fattest parts aren't the ones in the sun. :)

Big guy in a little car. This was the first little kid ride they told me I couldn't ride. At first I thought they were telling me I couldn't ride it because I was too big. Haha.

Jordan found a bouncy bridge.

This was the sign I saw all day. Notice the pregnant belly with a slash through it in the middle of the sign.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A short break and a long drive

We just returned home from Brigham City where we spent a week relaxing and spending time with family. I am now making my return to blogging after a few weeks of absence. I have much to post, but after the 11 hour drive I'm ready to relax again.

Jordan's best lines on the way home:

As we were creeping slowly in traffic near Las Vegas Jordan started chanting from the back seat, "Turn green! Turn green! Turn green!" I wish all of a sudden we had a green light, but alas, we were stuck in traffic for about an hour in that one spot.

Jordan loved listening to the radio on the trip. If a radio station went to a commercial break Jordan would insist on another song. "I want song," was a common request from the backseat. After listening to the new Pink song that has lyrics that say something like, "so what I'm a rockstar....." Jordan said, "I want rock stars." I'm surprised he was listening that closely to the lyrics!

We had fun on our little vacation, but we are happy to be home.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!

On St. Patrick's day Benji and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. We went out to eat at Chili's and enjoyed cheesecake at home for dessert. I absolutely love being married to Benji and with each new adventure we have I love him more and more. He is a great husband and dad! I love you Benji!!Cheesy Jordan!

Of the three anniversaries we've celebrated I've been pregnant for two of them. I was 37 weeks along on our first anniversary and I'm 32 weeks along now. So not just pregnant, but ready for a baby within a few weeks.

1st anniversary

3rd anniversary

At least we're consistent.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jordan Interpreting Modern Art and more

This is a fun little video I shot of Jordan tonight. I don't know why it's silver in the beginning, but it goes away after a few seconds. By the way, I don't know what "night slide" is. He usually calls it huge slide or blue slide, so I don't know what he's trying to say.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Holy Nuggets

Jordan and I were running a few errands this morning and while we were stopped at a stop light he started excitedly yelling, "Steeple! Steeple! Temple!" I started looking around for what Jordan was calling the temple. This is what it was:

I don't know whether I should be happy he doesn't know what McDonald's is or sad he thinks it's a temple.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've been boring lately

so that's why I haven't posted in awhile. Jordan had the stomach flu, or something like it for a few days and I've been just plain lazy. Seriously. I get up and do one little chore and have to sit for twice the time it took. My house is slowly falling apart and I can't keep up with it anymore.

Anyway, that's about it. Hopefully I'll do something cool soon....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do you have any suggestions?

Yes, I have blogged three times today. No, I am not ashamed!

Today I've been putting together some recipes that freeze well so I can make a bunch of meals before the new little guy makes his entrance into the world. I think in about a month I'll make the meals, but I wanted to start making a list now so I can slowly stock up on the non-perishable food items from the recipes so I'm not buying it all at once.

So, do any of you have good recipes of casseroles or other meals that freeze well, that are relatively cheap, and will feed a family for a few meals? I would appreciate any advice. I don't freeze meals very often, so I'm not experienced in the area! You don't even have to leave a specific recipe, I'll look it up if I have to! :)


They are listening

Today we were driving around town running errands and twice I had to suddenly brake. Not screeching tires, close call brake, just more sudden than normal. Both times Jordan yelled from the back seat, "Shoot!!" The first time I laughed and thought it was a coincidence, but the second time I realized one of us says "shoot" when we have to brake quickly. I'm happy we have clean language in the Hadfield home because I already feel guilty enough about him just saying shoot. I'll have to work on the angry words that come out of my mouth.

Jordan has been adding adjectives in front of the words he knows. I think it's pretty cute. At the park today he said, big rock, fast car, cold milk, and huge slide. It's funny the things they pick up.

X-ray vision

For those of you who have been pregnant, you know there are some annoying things that absolute strangers do. I don't get annoyed with strange people touching my belly or giving unwanted advice (like the man that told me a few days ago to put kool-aid in my baby's bottle). However, I do get annoyed with the strangers that ask, "Are you having a boy?" After I tell them I am indeed giving birth to a male baby they say, "I can tell." Really? Thanks. Next time, instead of paying for an ultra sound I'll come find you and ask you.

The funny this is, I get just as many people asking me if it's a girl.

Monday, March 2, 2009

To my Southern California friends....

I found a grocery store that has the cheapest prices on produce. It's called Superior Grocers and it's in San Bernardino. Here are a few of the great prices I got today:

5 Ib. bag of potatoes.......59 cents
pineapple..........................57 cents/lb.
tomatoes...........................2 lb. for 1.00
yellow onions....................8 lbs. for 1.00
broccoli..............................57 cents/lb
avocado.............................4 for 1.00

Anyway, the rest of the store has some good deals, but it's mostly in the produce. I think it's probably the cheapest I've found since moving here.

Just thought you might want to know.


I've heard of pregnant women having dreams about giving birth to weird things like cats and dogs, but last night I think I maybe had the strangest dream of all.

I gave birth to not only a cute little bundle of joy, but a printer and a ream of paper as well.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spending time with Grammpa and Trebor

My dad and brother came from Utah to visit for the weekend. We had a fun and relaxing day yesterday. We went to the church so I could print the program and the boys played basketball. We made a trip to the temple and In-n-Out Burgers. We played at my house and had an enjoyable time. Jordan misses grandpa and even Uncle Trevor. We came home from church today and Jordan yelled, "Grammpa!" while searching the house for him. I told him Grandpa and Trevor had to go back home and with a quivering lower lip he said, "Grammpa? Trebor?...Beach?" I'm not sure why he said beach, but I'm guessing he has a running list of things he misses.Hey Trevor! Nice defense! :)

Jordan likes to play basketball like he sees it on TV. There are a lot of fouls, which include falling. Here is Benji getting fouled.

Here is Jordan getting fouled.

Working on dribbling.

Beautiful Redlands temple

Jordan would dip his hand in the water and then clap his hands so the water would splash on his face. He thought it was pretty funny!