Thursday, June 30, 2011

Benji's birthday

Benji turned 30 last month! I wanted to throw him an awesome birthday party, but he didn't want one. Or he just didn't care. Psh, whatever.

We still had a fun day.

We started out the day with a delicious (not so nutritious) breakfast. Donuts, McDonald's, fruit and chocolate milk. Hey, there was fruit!!

Then he took Sam on a turn-out to the Brigham City train station. Sam loves trains right now and had a lot of fun.

Sitting in the caboose:

Benji went by himself for a little while to go fishing. He caught a few birthday fish.

Then we went to Salt Lake and test drove a few cars, went out to eat and went to a Real Salt Lake game.

And last, but not least, who knew I could jump so high while being pregnant?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The fountain firework

Jordan was terrified of fireworks last year. He cried through all of the fireworks and did not have fun. After the fourth something happened though because it was all Jordan could think about for awhile. We watched You Tube videos of fireworks everyday, he played fireworks with his toys, he drew fireworks. We had to make him a firework book to take to church, it consisted of a bunch of pictures I drew of fireworks and put into a 3-ring binder. He became obsessed! Except he was still nervous when I talked about seeing fireworks in person. I decided I better test to make sure fireworks are going to be okay this holiday so today we bought one firework and lit it in our front yard to see how he would react.

He loved it.

So I guess we'll buy some fireworks this year.

When it was over Jordan was so happy he jumped around.


Sam loves to draw and I love that he does because Jordan hates it. He spends hours and hours throughout the day coloring and drawing pictures. I love watching his picture evolve from nonsensical scribbles to actual pictures.

This is a picture he drew of my little sister.
It might look like nonsense, but the big circle is her body, the dots in the circle are her eyes, the scribbles next to the body are her hands and her legs are the lines underneath her body. He even added hair (the line above the body).
I think it's cute.


We went to Gateway last week to play in the fountains, have lunch with Benji and to get check ups at the dentist. My boys didn't love the fountains as much as I thought. In fact, Sam didn't like them at all, but Jordan enjoyed his time there. He started out running around inside the fountains, but later took the more cautious approach of running laps around the perimeter.

This is the only picture I have of Sam playing in the water:

The rest of the time he spent crying in the stroller. I think he was exhausted, and he maybe had sunscreen in his eyes.

I went with my cousin, Camille and my cousin's wife, Emmy. It was much more fun to take pictures of their kids because they were having fun in the water.

This is my cousin's mini-me, Jayne. She is super sweet and always happy.

I looked over at Jordan at one point and he was laughing and having a great time, so I grabbed my camera to get some pictures:

Come to find out he was really just laughing at the boy in front of him sitting on one of the fountains. Jordan found this to be hilarious for some reason...

Then we had Jordan's teeth checked. While Benji was brushing Jordan's teeth the other night he noticed a small cavity in his mouth. Benji was pretty distraught, I guess when a dentist finds a cavity in the mouth of his own child it's pretty devastating....

So, he checked Jordan's teeth, and they seem to be fine, we just rescheduled to put some sealants on his teeth.

I can't blog right now

Blogger is being weird and won't let me upload photos. I'm annoyed.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hill Air Force Base Museum

We had a fun day today. We spent some time at the Hill Air Force Base museum. My boys loved looking at all the airplanes, jets, helicopters, bombs and missiles.

My boys loved the helicopters.

These next pictures made me laugh so hard. Every time we would stop and sit anywhere Jordan and Sam would make plane, bomb and missile noises, complete with hand gestures. They really were loving being near all those airplanes.

During World War II there was a shortage in silk and lace and other material, so this is a wedding dress made out of a parachute. I loved it.

This picture is for my dad. My boys loved the helicopters, but especially this one. Sam kept saying, "this helicopter says, 'THUNDER!'"