Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Wadee wall"

Every time I tell Jordan we are going to Disneyland he gets way excited and says, "wadee wall!!" Which in Jordan language means waterfall. Jordan's favorite part of Disneyland is being able to see waterfalls. I don't think Jordan is going to miss Disneyland too much after our passes expire because we can find free waterfalls anywhere!

So, we were able to spend a day at Disneyland as a family because Benji's patient canceled. Jordan got to meet Chip for the first time and he loved him. He was so excited about pointing at a huge chipmunk that he wouldn't look at me for the picture. (I think it's cuter like this though!)

Jordan also waited in line to see Pooh and Tigger. I wish I had a video of Jordan interacting with Pooh because he was so dang cute. First of all, I put Jordan down expecting him to be shy like normal, I turned to give our camera to the Disney worker and turned around and Jordan was already giving Pooh a huge bear hug. Then he had his Pooh stuffed animal give the big Pooh kisses. He couldn't stop cuddling with Pooh, it was hard to get him to leave.
We then waited to see Tigger. Poor Tigger definitely comes in second place to Pooh in Jordan's eyes though. Jordan kept telling Tigger all about Pooh, and showing Tigger his Pooh bear. Tigger was a good sport though. We did show Tigger that Jordan was wearing Tigger stripes and I think that made him feel better.
Tigger did eventually get a hug from Jordan.

We met some friends later on to celebrate Hallie's birthday. Can you imagine being lucky enough to celebrate your birthday at Disneyland with all of your friends!? Lucky girl! Jordan loved eating the yummy cupcake especially since on top it had a mound of frosting the size of the cupcake itself. Mmmmm! Thanks for inviting us guys!

Monday, January 26, 2009

A lot of little things...

Jordan had his weigh in at the doctor today. He's gained a little weight, which has brought him almost to the 5th percentile. Ha! Still as skinny as ever, but he's on the chart this time. I'm still not worried. He's a happy, energetic boy and he eats well. The doctor asked me what Jordan eats everyday and as I was listing off the usual foods Jordan pipes in with, "chocolate." Thanks Jordan.

I splurged and bought three new shirts. Boy do I feel like a queen! THREE new shirts, and they FIT! I have to laugh when I say I splurged since they each cost 12.99 or less.

I planted herbs in my kitchen. I think they look super cute all lined up on my window sill. Jordan loves watering his "trees" everyday.

Jordan decided to be adventurous and learn to make the 'F' sound in words. He has been calling his toy frog a bog for awhile, but now calls him something that sounds just like the F-word. I'm only telling you this in case he's around your kids...hide all frogs.

Speaking of naughty things that come out of Jordan's mouth, he learned the word, "toot." Today he informed me every time he was about to toot, then he would laugh. Are boys just born like this? When Benji came home he asked Jordan what he did today and Jordan answered, "toot!"

I love my new calling. I make the ward program every week. It's great. I have yet to put the correct date on the program. I don't know what's wrong with me. (coughPREGNANTcough) Apparently, yesterday was the 23rd. Hmmmm...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh. That's what you've been saying....

Jordan's vocabulary has exploded over the past month or two. It's so fun to have him talking and nice to know what's on his mind. Occasionally he says a new word that makes us scratch our heads and shrug our shoulders. "What did he just say?" is a very common question heard in our house lately. A few days ago Jordan kept repeating the word or phrase, "hug n' kiss." We had NO idea what he meant and even after prodding him to show us we couldn't figure it out....until today.

Hug n' kiss = Helicopters

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is it really January??

Yesterday we enjoyed the Southern California sun at Venice Beach with our friends. We walked on the boardwalk, played on the beach, and had a little picnic.

Jordan mostly loved running down hills, chasing seagulls and being chased by his daddy.

When Jordan would chase the birds he would hold his arms like this. I thought it was cute.

At the beach Jordan only wanted to play in the sand. The water was not appealing at all, which is pretty weird considering he calls the sand a waterfall as he sifts through it.

Another failed attempt to get Jordan near the water. The sand is too tempting.

Benji enjoyed the water.

So, as Jordan played with the sand by himself he watched everyone else play in the water. Oh well, at least he can entertain himself.

So we had a fun day, until I started acting all pregnant and needed to use the restroom. It seriously was the disgusting bathroom I've ever been in. I honestly didn't even wash my hands because I didn't want to touch ANYTHING! It was probably better that way. There were pigeons in there with me and their poop was on everything.

Jordan's posse

Just recently Jordan has become infatuated with stuffed animals. He has always had many of them, but now he actually loves playing with them. He has four that are his favorites: Bog, Pooh, Ooh-ooh-aah and Melmo. (You can probably figure out who's who.) He sleeps with ALL of them and tries to carry all four of them all over the house with him at the same time. Last night he wanted to take all of them in the bath with him and I told him he couldn't, of course, but I had them sit in the doorway of the bathroom so they could watch him. He thought that was so cool and every once in awhile he would stand up in the bath and talk to them. Jordan normally HATES getting washed in the bath. He hates anything that takes time away from play time in the bath, but last night was different. I told him he should show his animals what a good big boy he is by getting his hair and body washed. Jordan willingly laid down in the tub and didn't make a sound while I washed him. It was AWESOME! Thanks guys!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oldies but Goodies

I found all of these random, fun videos on my computer tonight. I thought someone out there would enjoy them. These are all taken in Dec. 2007 when Jordan was 8 months old. He didn't show any interest in crawling until we put up the Christmas tree and then he was off. Don't mind my crazy laugh in the 2nd video...

Happiness and.....nursery.

I have great news!! Benji passed boards! Woohoo! We've been waiting patiently (kind of) and finally found out today. I wasn't worried, but it's still nice to have the official yes. It was nice to come home from church to some good news because church was not enjoyable. Jordan decided he hates nursery and even though I stayed the entire time he bawled in my lap crying for his daddy. If I would walk across the room he would run to me and cry for mommy. He enjoyed snack time and loved playing with the fake food, but that only lasted so long. While Jordan was playing with the pretent food I did find out he knows how to say a lot of food names. I had no idea.

I sure hope this passes soon. I miss Relief Society, sunday school, and fresh air (nursery stinks, literally).

P.S. Because of our crazy camera I had to use the paint program to spray paint Benji's letter because I could zoom in and read the entire letter. I wasn't sure if Benji wanted everyone to see his exact score, and I definitely didn't want the world to see our address.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Jordan and Benji found a little blimp in the sky yesterday and Jordan now loves blimps, or blints as he calls them. All morning he's been telling me, "Go. Walk. Blint." We watched blimp videos on YouTube last night and he willingly got out of the bath because I told him we would look at blimps on the computer. What a silly guy.

P.S. I looked up the definition to blint on the urban dictionary because I didn't want to unknowingly offend people or say something naughty. There is one definition that involves drugs, but the #1 def. is, stupid/annoying girl or woman. Who knew!?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

January to January

When I did my 2008 post I was so shocked at how much Jordan has changed so I've been wanting to put two pictures of Jordan side by side to compare. One was taken January 2008 the other January 2009. He's changed SO much, but he still practically weighs the same! :)

San Diego Zoo

My dearest friend Stephanie and her husband Brett visited us this week. They were able to make it to Universal Studios and then I went with them to Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo. I had so much fun having them here and it was nice to get out and do some fun things. Because Jordan missed his nap at Disneyland and was up late the night before the zoo was actually a nightmare at some points. It was the first time I realized I am not ready for TWO kids! Not ready. Nope. I change my mind. I guess having #2 has to happen sometime, right? I'm nervous. Or in lots of trouble. We'll see. I like short sentences. Yes. I. Do.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the zoo, which was actually pretty fun despite my earlier rant. I have a lot of animal pictures, so I'll try to only post my favorites...which might still be a lot of pictures.

This guy was playing peek-a-boo with Jordan. He loved it!

We didn't mean to end up with a picture of the rear end of an elephant. He just had to turn around!

We got to feel a camel.

My favorite picture of my belly...ever.

I also got to feed a camel. Maybe not as cool as you think.

This picture tells the story of the entire day. Jordan's dirty face, slight glare, not listening to me, throwing his head back when I try to pick him up, etc., etc. I guess it doesn't show him running from me, but it tells enough.

We watched this polar bear eat a bunch of carrots. Jordan was more interested in the carrots that the bear kept dropping in the water. Jordan made a friend and laughed and pointed to the carrots with him for awhile. The next few pictures are of him being so goofy looking at the carrots.
This is a gorilla.