Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Diet plan?

Sam set up a bunch of his plastic food for me yesterday and he handed me food that I pretended to eat for about 20 minutes straight. After eating what seemed like 100 hamburgers and ice cream cones, I actually started feeling sick. I think I'll do that every day, I will never crave those foods again! 

Oh, he also pretended to squirt mustard on everything he handed me. :)

Hannah's new teeth

Hannah woke up yesterday morning with two new teeth! She had been pretty fussy the night before and I knew she was teething, but I didn't expect two teeth to pop up so quickly. I had a little photo shoot to try and get a picture of her shiny new chompers, but it didn't really work. I did get some cute pictures of her though, so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

This picture shows her teeth the best. See those two white lines, those are her teeth.

I spent the next ten minutes jumping around like a crazy person, it was really hard to jump and take pictures, and I missed a lot of her priceless laughing faces, but once in awhile I did manage to capture a good smile.

I like this picture because you can see how crazy her hair is. And she's scrunching her nose, how cute is she?

She celebrated having two new sharp objects in her mouth by biting me while she was nursing. Thanks Hannah, I sure love your new teeth. It's a good thing you are cute.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Air show

 We went to an airshow at Hill Air Force Base last Saturday. Jordan was not excited to go, he thought it was going to be too loud and was scared. He cried when we got there and kept his hands over his ears refusing to let go. He was desperate about leaving until he saw this guy.

The parachute guys changed his mind and he was soon happy to be there. Thank goodness they start out with parachutes and not the Thunderbirds.

So it was a dark and cloudy day, which made for great photos, but when the wind started blowing we decided we would be pretty miserable with three soaking wet kids so we left after a few hours. We barely made it to our car before there was a downpour. In the boys' eyes we stayed the whole time though, they loved it.

I love me some cool clouds.

Monday, May 28, 2012

week 19

 May 19 -26

I don't know why, but most of the quotes this week have to do with Sam whining, complaining, or getting in trouble.

I was looking at a picture of a crashed car on the internet when Jordan walked up behind me and said, "Wow! That car is turning into a transformer!"

Sam kept asking me for something that I didn't want him to have. He asked me again and I said, "Sam, I already told you no four times, stop asking!" He said, "No, you only told me three times."

Sam was blowing bubbles into his water one day, then he started laughing, "I sound like Thumper!"

Sam was complaining A LOT one morning. I don't remember what he wanted, but at one point I got so sick of his whiny tone that I said, "my name isn't mooooooooom, it's mom." To which he quickly responded,  "no, it's Missala."

We were driving around town on a Monday morning when we saw a garbage truck picking up garbage at a house. Sam got really excited that today was garbage day. I explained to him that our garbage day is on Wednesday. His response was, "awwwwwww, that's in 40 weeks!"

There was a huge spider on our front porch that I sprayed with bug spray. Sam came walking up and said, "What's that called? Dying spray?"

Sam: I can't stop coughing!
Jordan: You must have a cool.
Sam: No Jordan, it's called a coal.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Jordan's preschool graduation

Jordan graduated from preschool last night. They put on a little program with songs and a dance. It was cute and Jordan did a great job.

We made sure to bring Den, and when Jordan was looking over we held him up.

 Jordan's reaction. The kids sitting behind him noticed as well.

Doing a dance.

Saying hi.  :)

Singing a silly song.

Sam snuggling grandma.

He was so excited about his diploma.

Then we took a few pictures outside.


With grandma and grandma great.

 Hooray for our preschool graduate!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 18

    May 13 - 19

We were walking in Costco when Sam pointed to a picture of the Michelin Man and shouted, "Mom! Who is that chubby ninja!!?"

To explain how tired he was feeling Sam told me, "When I run, I run out of walk."

Jordan: Eleven is my favorite number.
Benji: Why?
Jordan: Because when I hear it my body just says, 'I love eleven.'

Benji was explaining to the boys why we need to keep the back door closed during the day by making a silly voice and talking into a cup to magnify his voice, "Dewey's going to poop on our carpet."
Jordan looked very disappointed and disgusted as he said, "Dad, that wasn't very polite." Benji asked him what wasn't polite about it. Jordan said, "there just wasn't anything polite about it."

I don't exactly remember what was going on, but I was making Jordan do something he didn't want to do. He told me with an angry scowl on his face, "I'm so iratus." (Iratus means angry in latin.)

Sam's birthday

Sam's birthday was on a weekday, so since Benji had to go to work we decided it would be fun to visit as many playgrounds in the area as we could. First we started the day with birthday pancakes.

Then we set out to the first playground. (I'm warning you, this is a very picturey post. I edited out as many as I could, but I'm not very good at that anyway, because I love all the pictures.) Here they are:

What is it with kids loving to climb up the slides? 

Jordan taking a rest.

The birthday boy

Next playground was the McDonald's playplace. We ate lunch and then the boys played for a bit.

They were so excited about Happy Meals.

Then we went to the next playground.

I got so many cute smiles from Sam, but oh how I wish he didn't have a runny nose. Oh well!

Then off to the next park.

Jordan was so excited that he figured out this slide. He has been dying to do this for so long now. 

We did this same "park hopping" thing for Jordan's third birthday, so I had to recreate the picture we took on Jordan's birthday.

Here is 2010:

Now 2012:

This is really how much things have changed in two years:

The boys found a broken drinking fountain that made the water shoot five feet in the air. They thought it was hilarious.

Now that is genuine happiness right there:

Then after playing with the fountain, we headed to the next playgound.

By this time the boys were starting to get a little tired, but they insisted on one more park. So we went to one more playground.

 Later, when Benji got home from work we had dinner (spaghetti--Sam's favorite) and then had a fancy pants cake:
 Okay, so I wasn't up to making a cake, but Sam didn't even notice, he loved the cupcakes.

He also was distracted by presents.

Here he is opening up some rocket engines. He was so excited to have just those, but he didn't realize that he was also going to get a few new rockets.

Here is the new "dragon" rocket.

Happy Birthday Sam! What a sweet boy you are!