Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is for 200 gold stars!!

(Don't mind the title. Unless you are Mindy, of course!) :)

Jordan is obsessed with fireworks lately, which is actually kind of funny because he hated them 2 months ago. He used to be terrified if we even said the word "firework" But now he loves them.

Lately, he's been doing firework shows with his hands. It's hilarious. He gets really into it with sound effects and actions. This is just a sample of one of the shows. Usually he turns off all the lights and they last 10 minutes! :)

Now here are some of our County Fair pictures and videos.

Jordan was so excited that he was tall enough to ride the roller coaster. He had so much fun, but he always looks so serious on the rides!

Jordan was excited about the spaceship ride and especially that he got to go on a ride all by himself.

Every time he went around he would say hi to us, but then he got disoriented and couldn't find us

Sam just got thrown in the air, but he enjoyed that more than the rides.
We tried to get him to go on this ride with Jordan, he had fun for a few minutes, but got sick of waiting for it to start,

and started crying and trying to bail. I'm so happy he did that before the ride started!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


I got stung by a wasp on Saturday for the first time since I was four. It stung me near my arm pit, which can I say is a very sensitive place to be stung. It hurt for a minute or so, but then I started feeling really weird. For about an hour after I was stung I was really light headed and that soon turned into a huge headache. My arm had a quarter size area around the place that I was stung that was swollen and white and then a rash that spread out from there. I never knew I would have such a weird reaction to being stung. Good thing it was only one sting. Is anyone allergic to bees or wasps? What does it feel like when you are stung??

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

County fair

I just won this

For this

My first Pack Meeting

I went to my first Pack Meeting last night! I am now in the Primary Presidency (and loving it!) so I get to go to Pack Meetings and Den meetings for the Cub Scouts. They had the meeting at the Box Elder campground and made hot dogs and marshmellows. I'm so happy my boys were invited because they had so much fun, but I now know what I'd be getting into if we ever went camping. Withing 2 minutes Sam was covered with a rich, dark soil that was immediately wiped off with wet wipes, but then it got to the point where I couldn't keep up with the dirt, so I gave up. He ended up looking like this

I don't even think this does the dirt justice, when we went in for a bath Sam looked like he had a farmer's tan with dirt. Awesome!

I didn't take any pictures of Jordan, but as he was exploring around the camp he stepped in mud, and was covered from his knees to his toes in thick, stinky, black mud. That was my clue that it was time to go home!

We got so dirty and smelly, but that means we had fun, right!!?

Monday, August 23, 2010

A little mixed up

Jordan insisted on putting his own swimming suit on the other day and didn't get it quite right. I'm kind of proud of him though because he successfully put his shorts on backwards, inside out AND upside down. (Okay, maybe it was only semi-successful.)This might help you get a better idea of how he did it. He put his legs in the wrong way and pulled.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Jordan loves Jessie from Toy Story. He loves Buzz Lightyear more, but I think he has a crush on Jessie. We told him as soon as he kept his pull-up dry all night we would go get a Jessie toy at the store. He finally stayed dry (and has pretty much stayed dry from that day on) so we went to Walmart and picked out his toy. I don't know why the lighting is so awful in the video....but here you go.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I love thunderstorms! We had a nice one this morning with loud, booming, get-you-out-of-bed thunder. It was great.

I also love storm clouds and today they were awesome! They looked like puffy mushrooms.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My mom came up to Brigham today so Benji and I could go to Lagoon by ourselves! It was so nice to not have to take turns going on rides, or push a stroller, or worry about other people other than ourselves, which sounds awful, but seriously once in awhile it is niiiiice. We had so much fun, but Lagoon just isn't the same now that I'm older. First of all, I swear those roller coasters were a lot taller, and I swear they've never made me sick before today. After 8 hours at the park we were both worn out and feeling a little sick. Seriously, what happened to me!? I used to go on the same roller coaster over and over and over and never feel any side effects. I used to get to Lagoon right when it opened and stay until close. I don't know if I could ever do that now.

I'm about to smash the heck out his car (he just doesn't know it yet).

Okay, maybe he smashed the heck out of me...

I also know I'm older because I actually enjoyed the historic section of Lagoon. It was so fascinating to me. We spent a quite a bit of time there. I loved this old LDS chapel that was covered with old paintings, photographs, certificates, and other early church stuff (I want to say memorabilia, but that maybe isn't the right word...) So my hair looks way red in this next picture, we set up the self-timer for this shot, but the first time we did this our camera was set on video.

We were so confused! I love that Benji pulls me back because he thought it was about to take the picture.

Here's the dental office. We looked at this one for a long time.

On the log ride...

The roller coaster that says, "Hi"

I loved this old lady taking a nap in a stroller. Good idea.

Benji even won Jordan and Sam a toy.

We had to get some videos for Jordan so he wouldn't feel left out.

Speaking of old, I'm happy I finished this post before 10:30, so I can go to sleep. Goodnight.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


If you are ever in the market for a super expensive camera, don't forget to buy the warranty. I did, and I am SOOO happy we decided to get it. I took my camera to Best Buy yesterday and they looked up my information, happily took my broken camera, and I will get a new one in a few weeks. The lady at the customer service desk that was helping me told me she wished more people would buy the warranty because she rarely sees smiles like she did on my face, but rather she sees lots of tears all day.

Anyway...because I don't have a camera for a few weeks I won't have a lot to post. So be patient (I'm mostly talking to my sister.)

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Since I broke our camera at the cabin, I don't have pictures to post yet. We did have our video camera and it has a still shot setting, so we did get a few pictures, I just have to figure everything out.

For now, here is a picture I took last week. I put a hat on Sam, got the camera ready and took a picture at his reaction when he first saw himself in the mirror. He was laughing so hard. I finally have convinced my boys to wear hats outside. They keep them on and don't complain about it! Finally!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I've already typed this post...twice. For some reason blogger didn't save those drafts, so because of that I haven't really been in the mood to blog. It takes a lot out of me to blog some days, and when there isn't a post to show for it after all the work I kinda get mad. But because I'm persistent and want to be a good blogger and I won't let blogger win this one here I am again.

So on to Dewey. He's our new cat!! We got him last Monday and he is such a patient, cute kitten. That is coming from someone who doesn't really like cats. I do, but I don't. I'm more of a dog person. Anyway, we told Jordan awhile ago that we were going to get a dog soon and he said, "NO!" (he's scared of dogs). He then said, "how about we get a cat?" We thought that was a fair compromise and maybe it would help him get used to animals so he's not afraid of them anymore.

We brought Dewey home and I wish, I wish, oh how I wish I had a video of Jordan and Sam's reaction to that kitten. They were so excited, happy and loved him immediately. They poked him and pet him and held him and Dewey was so so good. He really is the perfect kitten for two toddlers, who, even though they try to be gentle, just aren't.

So we went outside to show Dewey his cute little house Benji made for him and we put him down, watched him go in his house and then he got spooked and ran! We didn't think he would be so dang fast and we didn't think he would fit under our fence, but he did. Benji chased after him into the front yard, but by the time he made it there, Dewey was no where to be found. We only had him for 15 minutes. Bad, bad pet owners. Bad. And sad. And kind of embarassed. It must have been a world record for losing a new pet.

Anyway, after searching the neighborhood for 2.5 hours we gave up. I knew it was pretty useless anyway because he was probably hiding where nobody could see him, but we looked anyway, and called his name (that he didn't know) loudly (with voices he didn't recognize).

Later that night, Benji and I were talking when we heard a loud sound from the garage. I think I even said, "that sounds like a kitten." Duh. So we went on a kitten hunt in our garage and found him. I was so happy! Really, lets be honest, I was really happy I didn't have to tell everyone I lost our kitty after 15 minutes, but I was happy we had him back.

(This is a lot longer than I planned, I sure am showing blogger, aren't I!?)

The boys love him and it's so cute to see Sam lean his body over so his face is inches from Dewey's and hear him yell, "Hi Deeewey!" I've already taken quite a few pictures of him, and Benji tells me I'm already turning into a crazy cat lady, but how can you not turn into a cat lady when you see this. Awwwwww.....

or this.

or find him about to fall off the couch like this.

Look at his face--poor kitten.

Asleep in his new house.

Yup. Crazy cat lady.

Tid-bits brought to you by Jordan

This morning I gave him some cheerios. He slid the bowl away and said, "I want real Froot Loops please."

Yesterday I was telling Benji that my new favorite word that Sam says is, 'bye.' Jordan looks up and says, "My favorite word is chocolate cake."

Jordan hit Sam in the face the other day. I asked him why he did it and he said, "Mom, I just pa-pa-pa-poker face, pa-pa-poker face!"

Jordan was about to eat a tootsie roll so I told him I thought he was a tootsie roll. He said, "I'm not a tootsie roll!" *then lowering his voice* "I'm a talking tootsie roll."

In nursery last week we were learning about baptism. Jordan saw the picture of a little boy getting baptized and said excitedly, "His dad is giving him a high five!"