Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I learned a lesson on burger making...

I had a fabulous dinner planned last night that I was very excited about. We were going to have homemade hamburgers, sweet potato fries and an asparagus pasta salad. Everything was turning out great until I got to the burgers. I mixed all the ingredients together, made the patties and cooked them.

Then I tasted them.

BLECK! They were soooo gross. I thought maybe on a bun slathered in ketchup they might taste better, but I doubt they would have. They were gross and I couldn't figure it out. I felt so defeated. I'm a pretty good cook and if I mess up a meal I can usually figure out how to salvage it. I made a decision to give up on the disgusting burgers though and ran to McDonald's and picked up some burgers (yes, McDonald's burgers tasted better than mine!!) to eat with the rest of our meal.

I discovered my problem later that evening.

And I couldn't stop laughing. I learned a great lesson in burger making.

NEVER confuse seasoned salt with nutmeg.

Nutmeg doesn't taste so good on top of burgers!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fighting sleep

Bedtime has been a little bit of a nighmare lately because Sam will not stay in his bed. He was doing fine at bedtime until a few weeks ago and he comes out of his bedroom every 30 seconds. We started a new bedtime routine that seems to be working because he has stayed in bed for the past 2 or 3 nights. I just pick the most boring book I can find and read it to him in his bed. It works every time. :)

This was the other night when I was working on the computer. He would sneak out and try and sleep on the couch instead of his I was going to fall for it or something.

This was Sam's favorite picture, he wanted to see it over and over again.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guns blimp

We were in Logan a month or so ago and Jordan spotted a blimp. It was flying above a pawn shop and said the word "guns" on it. Jordan talked about guns blimps for the next week. When we had to make another trip to Logan he made sure I brought my camera so we could stop and take a picture.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

5th Anniversary

Benji and I celebrated our 5th anniversary last week on the 17th. We love that our anniversary is on a holiday because no matter where we go there is always a party. Then again, we don't drink, so maybe we picked the wrong holiday.

Anyway, I've decided I need to find a pretty green dress so when we go out for our anniversary I still am wearing green while looking good. I've also decided I need to start celebrating St. Patrick's day with my kids on the 16th, so they still get green food and leprechaun tricks and fun stuff.

Anyway, we woke up on the 17th and took the kids to Denny's for breakfast.

Benji ordered a hot chocolate and as soon as the waitress brought it our boys were SO jealous. So we had to order hot chocolates for all!

I don't know why, but Sam has to open his mouth this wide to get the straw in each time.

Benji and I also got married during March Madness. Since we both love sports it's fun to celebrate our day by watching games, but this year our anniversary was the same day as the BYU and Utah State game. So we had to go on our date in the afternoon so we could make it home in time for the games. I shared my anniversary with Jimmer and Tai Wesley and that's just fine.

My mom came up to watch our boys and we went to Olive Garden and a movie. We had a great day...except the Aggies lost. :(
Yes, we have Netflix! :) (That's the first thing I look at when I look at this picture)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Great news!!!!!

After I tragically dropped my camera in August last year I have had problem after problem with it. Fortunately we bought the warranty on the camera so Best Buy would fix the problem. The biggest problem with that though is it takes me 40 minutes to get to Best Buy, it takes 3 weeks for them to fix it and then I have to go pick it up. I missed getting pictures of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and most importantly my brother's wedding. I was getting annoyed with Best Buy even though it wasn't their fault they dropped the camera. The last time I took it in I asked when do they just give up on trying to fix a camera and give a new one. The geek squadian told me it had to be taken in 5 times to be fixed before they replaced it, this was my fourth. I was annoyed. Anyway, they called me yesterday to let me know they are replacing my camera!!! WAHOO! I don't have to complain about not having a camera anymore!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My brother's wedding

My brother got married on March 3. It was a beautiful wedding and I am so happy for him and his new wife, Jill, BUT it was not a fun day for me. I was supposed to take their pictures and 2 minutes before their ceremony my camera stopped working. It would NOT take a picture and I was about to have a heart attack. Thank goodness my mother-in-law was there and had her camera, but I still didn't get a good picture of their ceremony. I felt so terrible I started bawling while hugging my brother after the ceremony and it had nothing to do with how happy I was for him. I felt AWFUL. Anyway, I will post some more of their pictures soon, but for now my camera is back at the hospital (Best Buy) for the 4th time!


I bought this basket to keep blankets in, but every day I battle my boys to keep them in there. They love to take them out and play in it. Jordan loves to pretend it's a blimp gondola.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


After I got the boys out of their bath a few weeks ago Jordan thought they looked so funny wrapped up in towels so he set this picture up for me to take. It was kind of nice having him give the directions for the photo because they were both were smiling in it.
I think I told him to do a cute face:
Speaking of towels.
Sam hates sleeping with blankets on him. The other night he came in to my room to let me know he was cold and said, "I want towels!"

The little photographers

My boys have figured out how to take pictures so every time I put the pictures on the computer I end up with 50 gems like these.

Gotta love dirty strawberry face:

He loved this angle. I have 15 of this same picture:

How nice of him to sit still and smile for his brother.

I cannot figure out what this one is!

Sunday brunch

The weather was so nice on Sunday that we had lunch up on our deck after church. I love that it's the little things like this that our boys enjoy so much! Jordan hasn't stopped talking about it.


The boys were playing in the backyard a few days ago while I did the dishes. There's a window right by my sink that gives a perfect view of the backyard so I was able to watch the boys play. I noticed that I hadn't seen Sam for a few moments and went out to check and this is what I found.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Jordan's turn-out

Jordan woke up a few weeks ago knowing it was his turn-out with this daddy. He came up with the idea of going to a restaurant. He really wanted to go to Maddox, but it's a little pricey and not so much fun for a three year old, so Benji took him to Fat Cats. They enjoyed hamburgers and some rides.

Jordan just walked in and said, "hey that's Frankie!" I don't know if he named the ride or if it really is Frankie?

This ride creeps me out a little. You sit in Spiderman's lap...

Jordan wanted to ride this bullet bike so Benji told him he had to make a mean face. Haha

My birthday

It's taken me a long time to post these pictures, but it was my birthday in February.

I decided to do my hair for my birthday, but it ended up raining that day, so once we got to the restaurant it was a frizzy mess, but it was fun for a few hours.

My mom stopped by to watch my boys while we went to eat at the Olive Garden in Ogden. First we opened presents:

My boys insisted on helping:

Sam was so excited about my new coat he lifted it out of the box to show everyone:

Getting ready to go to the restaurant. Yay for being 27! (And having a sled right behind me.)

My husband being adorable for the camera:

And with his food:

With my food:

And my awesome cake:

I had a great birthday!