Sunday, May 30, 2010


This is what happens when a baby that's learning how to use a spoon eats yogurt and beef-a-roni for lunch. (yeah, you read that correctly, I said beef-a-roni. Don't judge me. Haha.)It was like a liquidy goo covering everything. It was gross, but at least he liked eating it and had more fun playing in it. There's nothing like a sensory activity and a full belly at the same time.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I just went to do my hair, opened the drawer where I keep all my hair stuff and this is what I found. Someone in the house (I'm guessing a sneaky 3 year old) took all the tops off my hair products. Oh, and did I mention I can't find them anywhere?Here's a closer look.

As annoyed as I am, I couldn't stop laughing.

Kiddie Pool

The boys combined their left over birthday money and purchased a swimming pool. Yesterday morning was beautiful and sunny so we filled the pool (with warm water from the kitchen, it wasn't that warm outside yet) and the boys splashed and played all morning. Ummm...yeah. Jordan didn't want to wear his swimming suit. He told me, "I want my tummy to swim too."

Sam had so much fun that after we dried off and got dressed he made his way back outside and played in the pool some more.

P.S. I'm glad we got out and played in the yard all morning because out of nowhere it started pouring rain. Weird weather.

Friday, May 28, 2010


I just read this story to Jordan. At the end of the book he asked, "Is my grandpa really a dinosaur?"
Sam was trying to give Benji kisses through the mesh on the play pen. Unfortunately, I couldn't capture that, but I did snap this nice photo. It makes me laugh.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

One more post today....this is #3.

I might be the meanest mom ever, but I had to take a picture of Sam stuck in this chair before I helped him out. I couldn't help it, look how funny it is. He got in the chair all by himself, but had no idea how to get out.

Now for Jordan...I think his face looks like this 70% of the time now. He loves his backyard.

Daddy's boy


We have a bed!

For the first time in our marriage Benji and I have a brand new mattress and bed frame. We have always slept on a mattress and box springs on the floor.

After we had been married a few years we saved up some money and bought king size bed frame from IKEA. After an hour or two of building the stupid thing we realized we have a California king and not a king mattress, so it didn't fit and we couldn't take it back to IKEA. We took the bed frame apart and kept it in our garage for the next two years because I didn't have the heart to sell a bed frame we saved our money for and never used. After Uncle Sam made a tax return deposit in our bank account this year we purchased a brand new mattress and we finally get to use our frame after two years in storage. So far I love it, but the one thing that is hard to get used to is I can't leave my kids on my bed because the fall is a lot farther than the foot and a half it was before. Then again--no kids on my bed--that's a nice thought.

Now the story of the leopard comforter. (This post is a lot longer than I ever intended. Who knew I had so much to say about my bed.) When Benji was a single and handsome bachelor he owned leopard sheets. When we got married he wanted leopard sheets and I laughed and said, "no way, but if you can find king size leopard sheets than I will." I was totally laughing to myself in my head because I thought poor, poor Benji nobody in their right mind would ever make leopard sheets for a king size bed. Well, when we went to the store to purchase some things after I moved to California we came across this cheesy leopard-bed-in-bag and we had to buy it because I promised. Also, it didn't hurt that it was on clearance. Apparently, they make leopard blankets and sheets for king sized beds, but nobody buys them. Except for us.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To Mindy

This is my brother. His name is Todd. He's nice.

Here he is with my little sister, Kelsey. She is also nice.

My brother sometimes wears skirts. In fact, my whole family does, except for my mom. She wears the pants.

P.S. I'm glad you emailed me.

Monday, May 24, 2010


I cleaned my windows the other morning, and I had to take this photo because I didn't even have time to put the Windex away before I needed to use it again! It makes me laugh so hard, which is kind of sad. I will gladly wash my windows 100 times a day to keep doing this job I love so much. Okay, maybe 100 times is too many....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dirty Blondes

I love having a backyard, and I especially love it now that it's getting warmer. Jordan could spend all day outside if I let him. The one problem I'm running into each day is my boys seem to need a bath twice a day because of it. They are not just getting a little dirty, I'm talking about dirt in the hair, dirt in the ears, nostrils, caked in fingernails, lightly dusted over sweaty faces, in diapers...all over!This picture doesn't even do the dirt justice, can you see the line of dirt in his hair? It looked like he had gray hair because the dirt was so thick in the front.

It was so bad, it made mud in his hair when I started to wash him....
Look how proud he looks...boys will be boys!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My crazy dancers

The beat in this White Stripes song does something to make Sam walk. We played the song earlier and he walked across the room in time to the music. I love watching his little bum shake to the music. Jordan is getting very creative with his dance moves, sometimes he makes his eye lids dance, and you'll notice a few times he has his fingers dance. I'm sad we didn't get a good video of Sam walking to this song, but these are still pretty funny.

Look Mom, I picked a flower for you

Everyday Jordan will bring me a flower from our backyard, in fact, there is one sitting right here by the computer that he just barely brought inside. I love how bright and happy his eyes are when he hands over the dandelion, and I even think his dirty hands from playing in the dirt are cute too.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The happiest place on Earth...

A few days ago I took a quick little trip to Logan. I ran some errands, took the boys to the USU campus, and went to the mall and Sam's club with my friend Stephanie.

As you come out of the canyon you are immediately greeted by beautiful Cache County and the gorgeous mountains that surround it. (Yes, I did take these pictures while driving, but I never took my eyes off the road, I'm surprised the pictures even turned out!)

Jordan wanted to go see the waterfalls on Utah State Campus. He was so excited to see them. He also loves that when we go to USU we get to park in a tunnel (the parking terrace).

Sam wasn't too impressed with the 'A'

Then there was a lawn mower and the photo shoot was over.

First steps

About a week ago I was sitting at the computer and Sam came in the room and stood up. He just stayed in the same place with this silly grin on his face, so I grabbed the camera that happened to be right next to me and I'm glad it was right there because he then started walking towards me. He took about 7 steps. So unfortunately no video of his first steps, but I do have pictures.
Then I had to take a picture of Jordan's cute reaction. He was jumping up and down and cheering Sam on.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

In the car today....

Me: "Jordan you are a smarty-pants!"

Jordan: "Actually, I'm prolly a smarty-shorts because I'm not wearing pants."

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A year of Sam

This was supposed to be for his first birthday, but a week late is better than nothing, right?

Sam has such a contagious smile and such a happy disposition. We love our happy baby! Happy Birthday little dude!

And since I love both of my boys, and just for the heck of it, and to have another trip down memory lane and because I love it, here is the video I made of Jordan when he turned two.

Bird watching

The birds that came and ate the corn flakes off our porch gave us a good idea. We went bird watching in our backyard yesterday. My boys actually loved it! They sat on a blanket while we listened to the birds and watched them fly around our bushes and trees. We love birds and springtime!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What happens when you eat corn flakes on the back porch?

You get a lot of fun visitors all day long! I need a bird feeder because my boys loved having the birds on their back porch!

Cinco de Mayo

Benji and I had a little Cinco de Mayo party last night. We watched a movie and had tortilla chips with salsa con queso and Mexican Cokes. My stove top is broken so I didn't get to make enchiladas like I planned. Benji says I'm probably the only woman that has ever apologized for making Salmon for dinner.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Special visitors

My friend, Stephanie and her baby, Wes came and watched my boys while I went to a doctor's appointment yesterday. Her baby is so dang cute. It was fun to spend time with them.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What we do for fun

After Sam's birthday we threw all of the balloons down the stairs so we could pop and throw them away. After we saw them all piled at the bottom of the stairs we decided to try a different way to pop them. You can't tell in the videos, but this would pop quite a few balloons each time, it was a lot louder in real life.

1st attempt (before we turned the light on and turned the camera the right way):

2nd attempt (What's a slicker blanket?):

3rd attempt (this one's the best):

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sam's birthday

It was Sam's first birthday on Saturday and we had fun celebrating all day. We didn't have a big party or do anything extravagant because he is only one and doesn't know it's his birthday and won't remember anyway, and besides, we're cheap. :)
We started the day off with about 100 balloons in our front room. His first reaction picture to the balloons isn't very good because he was mad that I left him with dad so I could go set up the camera so he was screaming. Then on top of that he crawled into the kitchen instead of the front room, so basically he messed everything up. Just kidding.
After he calmed down he had so much fun playing in the balloons, but you wouldn't know it by the pictures I took. I couldn't capture a smile for the life of me. I got a few, but I'm sad with how the balloon pictures turned out. At least he had fun!This is when he realized there were balloons!

After playing in the balloons for awhile we then went to McDonald's for lunch. When we walked in the place was so busy! So we decided to let the boys play for awhile, since that's why we go to McDonald's for lunch, and then we went to Wingers to eat.

We met Grandma at Wingers. She brought Sam a cute bucket full of fun things.

Then we went to Nana and Grandpa's house. I love this picture of Grandpa and Sam. Grandpa's showing that Sam is one and Sam agrees with a thumbs up.

Sam's Aunt Mandy brought him a present, but he was more interested in the ribbon, of course.

Jordan was more than happy to help open the present.

And Sam was more than happy to shake the paper and ribbon around.

Notice how he still has a good hold of the ribbon with the toy right next to him. :)

After dinner we had cupcakes and opened presents with Grandma and Mogie (my dad). Since Sam loves to bark like a dog I decided to make dog cupcakes.

By the time we got around to eating cupcakes it was almost bedtime. Sam was so tired!

He was so tired he just stared and poked holes in his cupcake.

After eating a little bit he squished the cupcake in his hand for awhile.

Happy Birthday Sam! We love you and your smile!