Saturday, June 23, 2012

week 21 and 22

June 10 -23

Sam ran over a snail on his trike, he was pretty distraught that he "crunched" the snail and cried as he yelled for me, "Mom, scoop him up! Scoop him up and saaaaave him!" I felt bad, but I really didn't want to scoop up a smashed snail.

Sam: Can we watch that goose that laughs funny? (Woody Woodpecker)

The boys were in the backyard playing with a huge stick. They started walking to the side of our yard so I stuck my head outside, "what are you guys doing?" Without any hesitation (or fear) in his voice and without slowing down, Jordan matter-of-factly stated, "oh, we're going to go poke a hornet's nest."

Jordan was running around our house one morning and slipped and fell, "phew! I just goed ice!"

Me: Jordan you have two more minutes on the computer and then you need to go play.
Jordan" No, that's impossible!

One day I look outside to find Sam throwing a pair of Benji's underwear around the backyard. (Yeah.) I opened the door and said, "those are dad's underwear! Bring those inside right now, they aren't a toy!" I walked away and a few seconds later Sam comes inside with them on his head. He looked so confused as he said, "these aren't dad's hair!" (He thought I said hair instead of underwear!!)

One day I was walking around our front room and said out loud (mostly to myself) "This floor feels sticky, but I just mopped it, why is it sticky!?" Jordan piped in with, "Sounds like a mystery."

Jordan: The shadow of my foot looks like a spork.

One morning I walked into the kitchen to find Jordan eating a granola bar and some other snacks from the cupboard. I told him when he's hungry he needs to ask for snacks. He said okay and sorry and then got this funny sly look on his face and said, "I was like a ninja wasn't I?"

Sam was telling me a story about Grandma and Grandpa Hadfied's house. Twice he mixed up his words and said, "Hadma Granfield." It made me giggle.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oh where, Oh where, has my little girl gone?

I moved our coffee table out of the way so I could put Hannah on her play mat in the front room. It was a bit scary to walk back in the room after a minute away and have no daughter in sight. She is a speedy roller.....and getting good at hide-and-seek.

Nap time

Whole crib to myself at naptime: check.
Sleeping smashed up against the bars, using as little space as possible: double check.

Stayin cool

Our swamp cooler isn't working right now so we have been coming up with creative ways to stay cool. I found this idea on pinterest to attach a holey 2 liter bottle to a hose and then hang it from a tree. We had to purchase a male to male connector for our hose, but those couple of dollars were way worth it.

They've also been swimming in their little pool a lot.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baby Boy?

I was sitting at the computer last night after Hannah had gone to bed. I didn't even notice Jordan climb into the pack-n-play right next to me, so I was quite shocked when I looked over and saw him staring at me with a chew toy in his mouth. It made me laugh so hard, I'm glad the camera was right by me.

Hannah 7 months

 I took Hannah in our front yard yesterday to snap a few 7-month old pictures of her. It's nice that it only takes a few minutes to get some good pictures of her now that she smiles a little easier.

She's been scrunching her face a lot lately.

She's getting so big!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Captain America

 Sam found this lid on a bucket and pretended to be Captain America all afternoon.

Don't mind the millions of yellow spots on our lawn, we sprayed the dandelions with spray that said it wouldn't kill our grass....

Little peanut

 Hannah started sitting in the highchair during meal times and she couldn't be happier. She sits and smiles at everyone the whole time. She looks so little in the highchair and I love it.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 20

May 27 - June 2

There are only two this week.

We were grocery shopping one day and we were using one of those carts that have the car attached in front. When we got to our car, Sam stepped out and enthusiastically said, "Awwww....that was quite the adventure!" 

Jordan just walked by acting super serious and holding my old planner that I gave him to draw in.
Me: What are you doing, Jordan?
Jordan: Oh, I'm just goin' blueberries.
Me: What does 'goin' blueberries' mean?
Jordan: It's like 'goin bananas' but you do business.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bedtime, naptime and other randomness

Last night I had a great idea to get a picture of Jordan, Sam, Hannah and me right before bedtime. I set everyone on the bed, set the timer on the camera and held it above my head. They didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, but they definitely have more personality! Yes, Hannah is attacking me, her foot was in my eye, her hand was in my mouth, it was greeeat.

I have a million pictures of Hannah sleeping. Every time I check on her I think she looks so cute. Here are some of them.

I love when she'll be playing and all of a sudden zonk out.

 She's not the only one that will randomly zonk out. Look at that adorably dirty face.

I think she looks so cute on her changing table.

She loves receipts

And her brothers (and I love her crazy hair!)

She's also getting very grabby. Anything that is in front of her she reaches for and grabs...and she's fast! I have to be very careful when I'm holding her. A few days ago we were walking in my room and she swiped a picture off the wall.
 Anyway, one day I was clearing out her dresser of all the clothes she has outgrown. I left the room for a few minutes and came back to find her buried in the pile I had made behind her. She had reached behind her and grabbed the clothes. She thought it was funny, but started crying before I could get a picture.

Hannah also covers her ears with her arms all the time. She does it if there is a loud sound, if she's unsure of something, if she's scared, if she doesn't know somebody. She does it all the time. It actually is pretty cute and funny most of the time. For awhile it started to freak me out because I thought she maybe had something wrong with her ears or head. (I worry a lot about Hannah.) I talked to the pediatrician about it and she probably does it for comfort.

  Hannah is getting a little too big for her tub. Look at those legs! Haha.

The other day was cold and rainy, so we warmed up with hot chocolate and warm chocolate chip cookies. I love baking with my boys!

The other day the boys had fun with shaving cream on the table.

Sam drew pictures.

Jordan drew letters.

Mostly they loved how it felt.
Then Sam decided to do this...I'll let you decide how it ended! :)

You know it's laundry day in our house when Jordan and Sam are wearing their swimsuits and not swimming. It was the only thing they had clean! Thank goodness it's not winter! :)