Thursday, December 30, 2010

There is something missing at our house!

And it's not my cell phone this time!

For 19 long months one little guy in this house has been addicted to something, can you guess what that might be!?

We threw the last one away a week ago we are done. He asked for one today, but that was the first time! It was a very easy transition since it was Christmas and he was distracted with parties, presents and toys. He was also so tired from staying up late almost every night that he didn't need it to fall asleep.

We are binky freeeeeeee!

Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm so excited

I finally got my camera back from Best Buy and so far it is working fine! They didn't send back the strap thing that goes around the neck (what is that called?) and they broke my lens cap, but the camera works and I got it back before Christmas, so for now I am happy. So I took lots of pictures tonight because I could.

So tonight we went and saw Santa! My boys were so excited to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. They both told me what they were going to ask for, but when we got there they must have forgotten. Jordan said he wanted a candy cane for Christmas and Sam just cried.

Santa comes to downtown Brigham City and is in a little house at the Christmas village they have set up. It's a tiny house just big enough for Santa and a few people to stand in, so the pictures aren't that great, but it's still nice to see Santa for free and not a long wait.

Here we are waiting for Santa:

Look at this picture, Jordan started coughing and I don't know what Sam started doing. Nice.

Jordan told me that Santa gave him a candy cane out of his "garbage". I realized that to Jordan a big black sack probably looks like a garbage bag.
See that nice hole in Jordan's pants? Well, can you guess what he's getting for Christmas!? Every single pair of jeans he owns has a hole in them. Even one of his church pants has a huge hole in the knee. I can't wait until he has pants that look nice!!

Sam cried the moment he walked in and saw Santa. He did well once we put him on his lap he just made sure to keep both eyes on him just in case.

I couldn't get the picture fast enough, but Sam had the cutest pout on his face after getting off Santa's lap.

And then, because I was sad we didn't get a picture of Sam crying and because I'm totally mean I told Sam we were going to go back in to see Santa while Benji took a picture.
Oh and if you were wondering if I totally scared Sam for life, well, when we got home he kept saying, "Santa, fun! Santa, fun!"

P.S. I didn't mean to make the pictures so small, I might change that someday. Just click on them if you want to see them bigger.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I just want to pinch his cheeks

I just saw this kid

with this fabulous choir
It was SO good. I have more pictures, and I will go in greater detail tomorrow, but I just wanted to say I had a fabulous time. My feelings toward David Archuleta are more maternal than romantic so don't take it the wrong way when I say I think he is so cute. He is goofy and quirky and seems like such a little boy and then he sings! WOW! He can sing! I hope if I have daughters they bring home cute boys like him. Maybe they better not, I would pinch their cheeks. (The ones on their face....if you were worried.)

P.S. The funny thing is I'm only 6 years older than him. He just seems so much younger.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ward Christmas Party

Last night we had our Ward Christmas party. It was fun and there was a ton of great food.

The Primary was in charge of doing a little Christmas program. It turned out cute, except that the Shepherds went on the stage before the angel and the wise men went on the stage before the star they were supposed to follow. Oh well, it was cute and the kids did great.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Model Blimp

Jordan is in another blimp phase and there are some days when I feel like the worst mom ever because I get so annoyed with blimp stories and sounds. I don't tell Jordan this because I would break his tender heart, but I do try to change the subject. One day I told him, "Jordan, we should talk about something else." To which he quickly responded, "But mom I don't like airplanes, I like blimps!" I don't know why he assumed we would talk about airplanes, but there you have it, he is a boy with a passion for blimps.

So Jordan's super cute dad bought him a model blimp and they put it together. Here are a few pictures of Jordan holding the finished blimp. I tried to have him hold it straight out so you could see it better, but he would move his arms down before I had a chance to get a picture.

The blimp is now proudly hanging above his bed and he knows it is not to play with. It's cute to see Sam's copied enthusiasm for the model blimp, he really just loves everything Jordan does.

Just driving the truck....

I lucked out on this picture, he just happened to look at me smiling when I snapped it. I love his smile!


Yes, that title says Halloween. I really am that far behind. I did post the family picture of all of us together, but here are the rest of the pictures.

For one party Benji and I were Chilean miners. After the first miner was pulled to safety Benji said, "I'm going to be a miner for Halloween!"

These next pictures are at our ward's trunk-or-treat.
Ummm...nice, I think he's telling me he wants more candy.

Because Jordan had practiced knocking on our front door and yelling, "Trick-or-treat!" all month long I took him to knock on a few doors.

We ended up back at Benji's grandparent's house to say hi and showoff costumes.

To infinity and BEYOND!

Then Jordan opened a sucker to eat and the photo shoot was over. I think these next photos belong on the blooper reel. They are pretty bad...

This one is bad, but it made me laugh for a long long time. Look at Sam!