Friday, August 24, 2012

Getting bigger

 Hannah is in the fun phase between being a baby and toddler. She's learning new things every day and getting so big. She is pretty easy going, except you still have to work for smiles from her, especially if you are a stranger. I'm starting to think it has less to do with her being shy and more to do with attitude, which scares me. Attitude already!? She can already give a pretty good stink eye.

She can now crawl on her hands and knees, and she's fast! She can pull her self up on furniture and has even started walking along it. She can even climb stairs--which I discovered the other day to my horror.

She loves being part of what's going on. I had to snap a picture of her trying to see what everyone was checking out on the computer.

She can get into things in a matter of seconds. Oh boy, she loved the sound these spoons made on the tile!

She loves her brothers and is usually content to sit and play with them in the toy room.

I still feel so blessed to have her here with us. She has taught me an important lesson to never be sad that my children are getting older. Even though it makes me feel old and I feel like I want to have them stay children forever, I know I would rather them here getting older with me.

Oh, and did I mention she has some crazy hair!? Haha. I sure love her!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Shark Week!

My boys loved staying up and watching shark shows with Benji every night before bed. They liked it even more while wearing shark jammies.

9 months

 When Hannah turned 9 months old, I put her in a cute outfit, did her hair, and took her in the front yard for some cute pictures. Well....she would not stop talking. She told me the most dramatic, elaborate story, which is funny but doesn't make cute pictures. Oh well, they are still so funny. These first ones are okay, but she was talking and hitting the stool.

This picture makes me laugh so hard. What is she doing!?

This is probably my favorite one:

Then here comes the story, I wish I knew what she was talking about!

This one is pretty cute:

And look at my cute little crawler. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


A few months ago Hannah had a pretty nasty cough. It didn't seem to be that bad, but one day she was having a tough time breathing. She was happy, talkative, eating well and didn't have a fever so I didn't think it was too bad, but I took her to an instacare clinic anyway. Her oxygen level was at 92% (which they said is ok, not great, but ok. They hospitalize if its under 90%). They gave her a breathing treatment at the clinic (pictured above) and then gave her a prescription for a steroid.

Then they called two days later and told me she had RSV. I swear I feel like the world's worst parent. I'm pretty sure if I take her to the hospital one more time they are going to take her away from me. Okay, probably not, but I still feel guilty.

I'm pretty sure Hannah is going to be one tough girl/woman. She has already survived meningitis and RSV all before she turned one.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Repeat offender

 She did it again. I was eating bites of my dinner in between giving Hannah bites of hers. In the blink of an eye (or so it seemed), she had everything dumped out and smeared EVERYWHERE.

Seriously, it's what I get for trying to feed her without putting a bib on her. Also, she made some pretty priceless faces. She was excited....and still really hungry.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Catching post at a time.

   The other day I could hear lots of laughter coming from Hannah's room. This is what I found.

Jordan has been thoroughly obsessed with fireworks since the 4th of July, so we made a firework stamps with pipe cleaners. We also used pom poms to make little fireworks.


Hannah is a cute sleeper.

She sometimes plugs her ears while she sleeps.


And, so it begins. She crawled over to her dresser, opened it, and found some goodies.

I probably shouldn't post this, I don't want anyone to be nervous. She sat on the counter while I fixed dinner, but she was seriously right next to me. I had to take a picture because she looked so adorable.

Jordan had his 5 year old doctor check up. He was so proud of his four band-aids that he made me take a picture. It's never easy to have to watch your kids get shots, but it is much harder with an older kid. I didn't want him to be surprised with shots at the doctor, so we talked about it before. It's just hard because he knows what's going to happen. He didn't cry hard when he got the shots, but then he started crying more because he was embarrassed from crying. Also, he is in the negative percentile for weight. The doctor isn't nervous about it now, but we do have to go in for a check up in a year instead of two. Poor tiny Jordan. :)

I got to meet my darling nephew a few weeks ago. Little Porter is adorable, and it's fun to see my brother being a dad. 

We're still just having an awesome summer.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Hannah always looks so grumpy around her friend Brynn, but that's just because Brynn is the happiest baby I've ever seen. Seriously, that girl always has the BIGGEST smile on her face. It's so funny! (And cute, of course.)

While Brynn may have Hannah beat in  personality, Hannah definitely wins in hair growth. :)