Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So I am planning on cutting my hair sometime soon. Don't try and talk me out of it because I am already planning on it, I just need advice on WHEN I should do it. I love my long hair and there is nothing wrong with it except that it takes way too long for me to do in the morning (so I never do it) and I'm about to have a baby and I will be nursing her and my hair is so long it will get in the way. Also, I just need a change. And hair grows back.

So, in all ya'll's opinion should I cut it now or wait until after the baby is born and my face returns to a normal size.

Also, I'm very excited to have long enough hair to donate it to Locks of Love. So once again, don't try and tell me not to do it. :)

So, anyone interested in the hairstyle I'm going for???? Something like this:

Benji thinks it looks like she cut it herself. I like it.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Laundry room

So, as most of you know we are selling our house. I have spent the past 10 days organizing every room, cupboard, closet, nook and cranny. It has been exhausting, but fun, and my house has never looked better. Every day I finish a project and think, "why the heck didn't I do this a year ago!!" It has taken me a lot longer than it normally would because I'm pregnant, but I'm just glad I've had as much energy as I have!

Anyway, I have been cleaning out my laundry room and am stuck on something and decided to turn it over to you for advice. This isn't a pressing issue or a problem or anything I'm stressing about, I just want some opinions.

So this is my little laundry area right here:
Since we moved in that shelf right above the washer and dryer has had paint cans on it. I finally got rid of all the paint, and am now left with a nice useable shelf.

But I don't know what to put on it.I don't want it to look cluttered, but what do you think would be most appealing for a potential buyer when they come and look in my laundry room?

There are shelves above that one where I keep all of my cleaning supplies, and I like that they are tucked away and not seen. I keep my extra laundry soap, bleach, dryer sheets, and old maid socks in this little cupboard thingy
and I have a very convenient peg board across from the washing machine for extra cleaning stuff:
So, should I put the laundry stuff from that cupboard up on the shelf and put something different in the cupboard? Should I put cleaning stuff on the shelf? What would be most interesting/appealing to you if you were looking to buy a house??

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stomach flu

Sam woke up in the middle of the night a few days ago and threw up. I hate the sound of my kids throwing up in the middle of night because 1) I know they don't feel well and (more selfishly) 2) I know I'm going to be cleaning up a stinky mess for awhile.

I am actually relieved he threw up in his bed because we just had our carpets cleaned two days before this incident. So I got him out of bed, took his icky jammies off, gave him a quick rinse in the bath and as I was cleaning up the rest of the mess I turned around to find him zonked out in the hall. It was just so sad and cute that I had to get a picture.I'm not sure if Sam has a weaker system than the rest of us, but he gets the stomach flu a lot. In January he threw up 18 days in a row. I took him to his pediatrician a few times and even the ER, but he was fine, just throwing up. No one else in the house got sick this time around, I don't know what to think of it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brigham City Pool

My friend came to visit one day in August and we went to the Brigham pool to swim. It was a PERFECT day to go. It was nice and sunny, the water was a perfect temperature and there was nobody there. It was nice because I could sit there with Sam and still see Jordan as he went down the slides 100 times.

Here are all the kids together. It was a hard one to take because Wesley was ready to run to the pool.
This is his smile.

It took Wesley a little while to warm up.

But it didn't take long before he was jumping in the pool and going down the slides too!

Jordan was SO proud of getting his face all the way under the water.

Then it was time to leave....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Angry Birds

My boys are obsessed with Angry Birds. Benji hasn't had a smart phone that long, but it only took a few times of playing the game before Jordan was hooked. Soon it was all he talked about and wanted to do. I've been trying my hardest to get him away from the computer and phone and actually pretend to be an angry bird, but he still prefers the game.

Still, I will occasionally walk in a room and find random things stacked together to make a "pig tower"

Here is Sam with his amazing pig tower made out of Styrofoam.

One day I made some pom-pom angry birds for the boys to play with.

Jordan loved them

Here he is with his very impressive pig tower (and best Angry Bird face).

Benji even made him a sling shot...

Now for a possessed Angry Bird....


Jordan came walking upstairs one day covered in a light dusting of flour. I immediately knew he had been down in the food storage and had gotten into the container of flour. It made me chuckle just a bit and I told him I needed a picture of him. He was so embarrassed that I had figured out what he had been doing that he walked over to me backwards and then wouldn't open his eyes while I took a picture.

Sam and Dewey

I don't understand why this cat loves Sam so much. There have been quite a few times I've walked in a room and Sam will be on top of Dewey smashing the daylights out of him. Sam thinks it's normal to pick up a cat by the throat and I don't know how all the pulling and poking doesn't just tick Dewey off, but it doesn't. He actually loves Sam more than anyone else in the house.

I had to sneak a few picture of Dewey giving loves to Sam as he played in the dirt.

And even though Dewey is an outdoor cat he somehow made it inside for nap time!

Box Elder County Fair

It was the county fair a few weeks ago. It's my favorite time of year because I love the fair, but I love back-to-school time and knowing that the weather will soon be cooling off. Also, the Box Elder county fair has the best burgers and pie around. I look forward to them all year!! I love that residents of the county get into the arts, crafts, animals, produce growing, baking, canning etc. I love walking around and looking at everything that has been entered for a ribbon. When we lived in San Bernardino the craft section of the county fair was pathetic--I think there were a few things built out of legos. Seriously.
Seriously it's the best square pie and disc of ice cream you will ever have!

My boys loved going on the rides. We ran into my niece and nephew, so Jordan and Sam were able to go on a few rides with their cousins.

Sam loved the choo-choo. He spent the whole time turning the steering wheel.

Jordan took the more laid back approach and just sat and watched the scenery pass by.

Sam had to bring his koala backpack!

Jordan was so excited to be able to go on this huge slide all by himself. I was worried that he would chicken out at the top. It took him a few minutes of sitting up there before he finally dared to go--okay, maybe the carnie man pushed him a little! :)

He looks terrified in this picture!

but he had a good time!

Benji always has to try the basketball game once each year. (He has never made it.)

I was trying to get a picture of Sam in his cute fair outfit, but he just wanted to pull faces.

Although, this is a pretty cute look on him....

As I was snapping shots, Jordan slid in front of the camera for his turn.

Jordan thinks this lemon is SO funny. He remembered it from last year, but was so sad when we wouldn't agree to paying $5 for 12 oz. of lemonade.

This is where Sam's bunny obsession started.

We went and looked at a few of the booths, but decided to leave all of their overpriced merchandise there.