Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Love My Family

I picked up Jordan from nursery a few Sundays ago and he gave me the picture he colored, and I laughed, but I'm probably the only person that thinks this is funny. He showed me that he colored Sam, Jordan and Daddy.

So the question is:
Am I too special to color?
Did he run out of time?
Is this how Jordan views his family?


The volume in Sam's hair would make most women jealous. I love his unmanageable, mind-of-their-own curls.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting started

I spent Saturday night sanding and priming my fireplace and built-ins (see post below for the before pictures), and tonight I started painting. After about 40 minutes here is my progress. I am loving how it is turning out! (That hole above the fireplace is from the previous owner's tv, I have to figure out how to cover it.)
And just for the heck of it, here is a picture of Jordan before church:

and Sam's crazy morning hair.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lookin good

So I've been working on a few projects in the new house and I'm getting way excited about how they are turning out. All these pictures were taken when we were going around the house during the inspection, so all the decorations belong to the previous owner of the home (just so you know), but the built-ins, and fireplace are the same. We decided not to put our TV above the fireplace because when the previous owner took his down it was warped because of the heat, so eventually we plan on getting a mantel shelf and since there is a huge hole where his TV was hanging we'll have to find a large mirror, picture or painting to hang there. Last night I sanded and primed the built ins and fireplace so I can paint them white. The room is a pretty dark room and it immediately made it look so much lighter. I can't wait to paint it and get a picture up. The difference is huge. I also started painting the walls a bright sage green color. It wasn't exactly what I was going for, but now that it's next to the white built-ins I think it looks pretty. Anyway, just wanted to show you my new project and there will be pictures soon. I'm resting today, so the project will be finished Monday! Then it's off to IKEA for drapes and accessories on Tuesday.

Then my next project:

Painting these Salmon colored kitchen counters a dark, rich brown color.
and taking down the rooster wall paper trim and repainting the kitchen.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I laugh every time I look at this cute picture of Jordan dancing. He is quite the talented dancer. He sometimes even dances with his eyes, which means he just blinks them in time to the music. Sometimes he dances with his hands, which means he opens and closes his hand in time to the music. Pure talent.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our crazy month

I have had so many pictures and stories and funny things to blog over the past month, but I've either been too busy or I didn't have a computer set up to put our pictures on. Well, we've been in our new house for about three weeks and we are loving it. We love the big, fully fenced back yard, the big kitchen, the dining room, the garage, the storage space, and lots of other little things that have been wonderful. Our house isn't huge by any means, but it is luxury compared to an apartment or our tiny house in California. We are loving the space. These pictures were taken a few minutes after Sam threw up about 7 times. He still was a good sport.

So before we moved into our house we spent the last few weeks in our apartment boxing up our stuff and cleaning. On my birthday Benji surprised me with breakfast in bed.

Benji and I have the whole moving thing down by now. I load the boxes and he carries them where they need to go. After a morning of loading a trailer with all our boxes Jordan got inside an empty box and said, "Now it's my turn!"

So Benji hauled him out to the trailer. Jordan loved it.

While Benji did all the heavy lifting I cleaned and scrubbed our apartment. Sam is terrified of the loud vacuum, so this is what we look like while vacuuming. He usually buries his face into my neck, and as hard as it is to vacuum while carrying a frightened baby, I have admit I love getting all the snuggles.

Jordan just enjoyed all the space in the apartment after we boxed up so much of our stuff. He was excited about moving to the house with the fireplace, but was pretty nervous that we were going to forget his basketball hoop. He had to remind us daily that the basketball hoop was coming to our new house too.

So we checked out of our apartment, but had about 5 days until we were supposed to close on the house. Benji's parents were so nice to let us stay with them. This is Jordan walking down the lane where their house is.

So then we signed all our papers, got our keys, and moved into the house. They took away our "Sold" sign before they gave us our keys, so we don't have the picture by it. I'm glad we at least have a picture of the sign.
The next week was spent unpacking boxes and organizing. Sam thought he would help by digging sticky jam bottles out of the trash can....

and taking things out of drawers (right after I got them in, of course.)
We discovered how much we love Nutella spread on whole wheat english muffins for breakfast. I don't know how I convinced myself all these years that I didn't like Nutella. I can eat that stuff by the spoonful now.

I guess unpacking and organizing a house is tiring for little guys too.

I got Benji tickets to go see the comedian Brian Regan for Christmas, so we took a break and spent the day in Salt Lake. I had been throwing up all day (because of the stomach flu), but the show still made me laugh uncontrollably. He is a very funny man.

We've had some warmer weather lately, so we've been going to the park everyday and we even ate dinner outside one night.

We just ate dinner while looking at "our B" on the mountain.

Benji took Jordan fishing for a turn-out...

and then to the middle school gym to run down the hill.

Both of the boys love when their daddy comes home from work and run to sit on his lap. I wanted to sneak a picture of them looking at the computer after Benji got home, but then Sam spotted me and cried for me.

On our anniversary Benji and I went thrift store hopping. Seriously. Aren't we romantic? We found some cool furniture and lots of odds and ends to decorate with (pictures coming soon...)

Since our anniversary is on St. Patrick's day I like to get pictures with my family and since we were all wearing green I thought it would look so cute, but Jordan and Sam were not in picture taking moods AT ALL. This is the best picture I have of Sam and Jordan together...
Sam's pictures turned out okay, but when he wasn't crying he would not hold still, so these are the best picture of him....

and this is the best picture of me and my boys....

I finally convinced Jordan to show me the shamrocks on his shirt...

Then I got a picture of him smiling with Benji.

Phew! Why are pictures so difficult to take now-a-days!!?

He's just as baffled as me.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Going private....right now. Anyway, come back and see us soon. Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010