Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Great news!

We have some very exciting news here in our house. No, I'm not pregnant! Haha. Come on, admit it, that is what you thought of first!

Yesterday someone put an offer on our house! Wahoo!! It was a surprisingly good offer too. We counter-offered and we are now waiting. We don't know if they will accept our counter, but if they did we would break even on our house, which would be amazing because we were sure we would lose money.

It's not over yet, they have to agree AND our house has to appraise for what we're asking, but we are headed in the right direction. Hopefully we'll be living in Bountiful by May!

Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's day shirts

Here are pictures I took of the kids with their St. Paddy's shirts on. They dressed all in green for church as well, but they are on Benji's phone, so I'll add those later.  Hannah actually cooperated for these pictures a little. She didn't scream like she normally does anyway.

After I snapped a few pictures she decided to give Sam a hug (his face is priceless)

Then she gave Jordan a hug!

The couch gave her some crazy hair!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Silly Hannah

 Hannah is turning into quite the comedian. She cracks herself up all the time and tries her hardest to tell jokes to all of us. We don't understand her yet, but she must be funny because she sure laughs. The other day she would make her classic mad face....

....and then she would laugh and laugh!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A few things

Sometimes when I babysit Hannah has to take a nap in my room. I just loved she looks zonked out on a huge bed.

She is becoming more independent and insisting on feeding herself and drinking out of a big kid cup--no more sippy cups for this gal.

Her hair is super duper long, but because it's curly you can't tell. This was right out of the bath the other day, it looks like I'm yanking on her head, but I'm just straightening out her curl to show that it goes to her shoulder.

Her hair is also super curly right out of the bath.

Hannah is also a vulture. As soon as a meal is over, she will swoop down and feed off the tid bits of food left over on all the plates.

Uh, yeah, check out that hair. She looks like an old woman. Haha

We did this one night we drew faces on the boys chins. I loved doing this when I was little and my boys thought it was HILARIOUS! I wish I had a video of their reactions. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sam's songs

Sam made up some adorable songs to the tunes on Hannah's toy piano.

Monday, March 11, 2013

We love our lizard

 I never thought I would love a lizard so much, but I do! We love our little Koji Domino.

Fancy Bears

 I babysat two little girls all week last week. We don't have that many girl toys in our house yet, so one day I let them choose one of Hannah's outfits, one pair of jammies and one hairbow to dress up some of Jordan and Sam's bears. It worked like a charm and they spent all day putting the bears in jammies and then waking them up and putting them in a stylin outfit. Soon Sam and Hannah had to join in because the girls were having so much fun.

Hannah's hair

It's so fun to have a baby with tons of hair. Hannah's hair is now long enough that I can style it!

It's also kinda fun that she thinks this is a smile.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hannah telling jokes.

One night after dinner Hannah was on a funny kick telling us all jokes. We happened to catch the end of it on the camera and it's pretty dang cute. She tells jokes just like her brothers, where she will pause and say, "ummm" when she's trying to think of the punch line. Her last joke is the best.

Spring is coming!

 First of all, yesterday I had a panic moment when I couldn't find Hannah anywhere. I eventually found her sitting in the stroller in the garage. Thank goodness it was in the garage and not the front yard. The girl I was babysitting opened the door for her and then shut it. Wonderful.

Now on to today. It rained last night, but today has been sunny, kind of warm, and dry enough to play outside. My kids were delighted.

This kiddo needs a bike. He only has this trike. I think I know what we'll be getting him for his birthday.

They found a few stray pieces of sidewalk chalk leftover from last year and had a blast drawing all over the driveway.

And look how exciting, it was too sunny and bright for him to keep his eyes open for the picture! 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Table Monster

 It's too bad the window behind Hannah is so dirty because she sure is adorable. Lately Hannah climbs on the table as soon as there is a free chair to climb on. This time she climbed up to play with Jordan and Sam's toy and eat their play doh. She loves to climb up and finish her brother's food or just throw it all over the floor to make a mess. I've started keeping my kitchen chairs in the garage during the day.


That last post reminded me of this picture. When Hannah sees the camera pointed at her this is what she does. She thinks she's so funny scrunching up her face like that, but I think she also does it because of the flash.

A rare moment

 I heard laughter coming from the kitchen one day and found Hannah sitting on Sam's lap. I told them to smile for the camera, so this is what Hannah did because she thinks that is her smile.