Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I wonder where my crazy cat is going at night.

Jig Face

My boys got Sing-a-ma-Jigs for Christmas and they love them. I don't know if you've ever seen these little guys, but you press on their tummies and they sing. I asked Sam to make a "jig" face and this is what he did...

Preschool day 2

I don't think I'll post preschool pictures every time we have it, but because it's so new and fun you'll probably see pictures every other day. Here are a few things we did today.

For a science project we went outside and put some snow in a container. We put a few drops of food coloring in it and set a timer to see how long it would take to melt inside.

Here's our new preschool calendar! It's the perfect way to get their attention and start preschool. I love that Jordan is giving his cheesiest smile and Sam is crying.

We also hung up our bulletin board.

We talked about different activities you can do in the snow and colored some pictures of those activities. Then we went for a walk outside and observed the ground, trees, bushes and mountains and what they look like during winter. We talked about how some trees lose their leaves in the winter time. We took a stick from one of those trees to make a winter mobile.

Jordan loves that it's like a blimp.

We focused on the letter 'M' today and made snow capped mountains out of the letter M. This was fun because we got to go observe our mountains outside and see how they are covered with snow. I was pleased when Jordan said, "Melt starts with M too!" When we had our snack I told them they had to make the sound of the letter M while they ate, "Mmmmm."

Then we checked out our orange melted snow.

The favorite song of the day:

Snowman (to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle, little star)

Snowman, snowman, where did you go?
I built you yesterday out of snow.
I built you high and I built you fat.
I put on eyes, a nose and hat.
Now you're gone and melted all away. (while melting to the floor)
But it's sunny outside so I'll go play.

New Year's party

Here we are at the Wyatt Riot on New Year's eve.

Playing Rock Band.

Watching the ball drop on TV. We have a kissing picture, but our heads are out of the picture, so it's kind of pointless.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas parties

We cancelled our cable and internet yesterday and I actually don't know how long I have until it's gone, I'm actually surprised it's still working. Anyway, I thought I better hurry and post something because we won't have internet with our new provider for 2 weeks.

So here are a few more Christmas pictures.

**On the 19th of December we went to my Uncle Matt's house for the Crane family party.**

My brother's fiance and her cute girls.

My siblings

My cute family

Jordan and Sam with Mogie.

**We celebrated Christmas with my mom on the 22nd.**

Eating our delicious sea food dinner.

The kid's table.

Singing Christmas songs.

Grandma Great reading a Christmas story.

Opening presents.

Jordan and Sam thought they had to help everyone open each present.

Sam opening up his new piano. I tried so hard to get a picture of his face....he was soooo excited.

Jordan opening his guitar. I couldn't get his face in this picture either, so you can't see the excitement....

But these next pictures show how pleased he was with his gift....

And then he took his grunge look a little too far...

Sam thought every present was for him and would cry and cry if it was for someone else.

Opening candies out of the stockings.

The girls with their new jammies.

The boys in their new jammies.

**On the 23rd we went to the Gourley family party.**

Everyone eating dinner and singing Christmas songs...

...that were projected on the wall for all to see. (This is where we watch the's amazing.)

My sister stole my camera, and when I turned around she took my picture. I have very few pictures of just me in them! :)

Trying to get a picture with Sam...trying.

My beautiful cousin Camille, who delivered a beautiful daughter eight days after this party. She had Jayne Eve Walker on Dec. 31--12 days early (her due date was actually today!)

A picture of me and my sister, of course. We have tons of pictures together.

**On Christmas afternoon we went to the Hadfield's for lunch and to open gifts.**

Sam thought he had to help feed Jack.

We then set my camera on a tripod and got a pretty good family picture. It's hard to believe that this sunny and warm picture was taken on Christmas. Even harder to believe when the next day there was quite a bit of white stuff on the ground.

Then we attempted to take a family picture.

Then we drove to Benji's grandparent's house. This is the only photo I have for that.

**Christmas evening my dad came to celebrate with us.**

He brought gifts and even dinner!

I took pictures on two different cameras and can't find the other pictures. I'll have to add them later. I have a bunch of pictures of my dad with my boys.

For now here are the boys opening up their gifts. Such concentration!

Phew! I'm done. I love Christmas time, but it sure is exhausting!