Thursday, May 30, 2013

I love to post pictures of Hannah

 I really do have pictures of the boys, I'm getting to their pictures, but for now here is a whole post of more pictures of the little princess.

She wakes up with the best hair! It's defying gravity.

This hair picture I wanted to sneak a candid shot, but she saw that I was about to take it and hurried and gave her best "smile."

One morning I looked over and she was giving me a subtle hint that she was hungry.

We were in Costco the other day when Hannah started yelling, "OH! OH! Dess! Dess! OH!" She was so excited about this tutu. She held it up to herself and patted it and hugged I had to buy it. I've never had a child get excited about clothes before

Helping dad in the garden

She found a worm!

Joking with mom one morning.

She's not always a little angel, sometimes she needs a timeout. 

 15 minutes before we headed out the door one day she rubbed syrup in her hair so we washed it in the sink. She was mad.

She was okay though.

I had to take a picture of how long her hair really is. Those curls are deceiving, her hair really goes past her shoulders!
Man, I love this little girl!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Look me!

 Hannah was yelling my name a few days ago and when I came into the kitchen she said, "Look me!" while pointing to her tricky stack of cups she made. :)

She was so proud of herself!

A Hannah photo shoot

 On May 19th Hannah went to nursery for the first time! I was worried that she would cry the whole time, but she did pretty well. After church I wanted to get a picture of her and I'm lucky that I got this cute one first because she wasn't really in a picture mood.


Her cute smile quickly faded and she stuck with her fake smile for a minute.

Then she pulled this face (yes, she still does that face.)

And she still thinks she's funny when she does.

Then she fell over because she was sick of the pictures.

But since i didn't stop taking them she decided to pull some funny faces.

And then she was done!

Really mom. I'm done!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Learning to spell is awesome!

Monday, May 13, 2013


A few days before we moved we took a drive to Mantua to say goodbye to our favorite town and lake. We looked at birds, threw rocks, and some of us were terrified that everyone was going to fall in the water (ahem....Jordan).

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jordan's last day of school

I have two birthdays to post about and the move to West Bountiful to record, but I'm going to start here.

Jordan's last day at Foothill Elementary in Brigham City was on May 1st. He was lucky enough to spend his last day of school going on a field trip to Papa Murphy's and Kent's grocery store.

Here he is on his last day standing outside the school.

And with his teacher, Mrs. Terry.