Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crazy bubbles

Sam dumped the entire bottle of their body wash in the bath when I wasn't looking the other night so they had the soapiest, bubbliest bath ever and they thought it was awesome. They ended up being in such a funny mood it was fun to take pictures of them.


Sam has recently become obsessed with drawing. I think it's adorable because Jordan hates it so much. We discovered the new obsession at church the other day when Sam started drawing with a pen he found in Benji's pocket. You should have seen the look of concentration on his face as he scribbled circles for 40 minutes. Did I mention he scribbled circles for 40 minutes QUIETLY!! We found our new church thing for Sam. Here's his drawing:

This obsession is also annoying because we have to be extra vigilant about keeping markers, crayons, pencils and pens put up high on a shelf. One night he snuck out of his bed, got into my bed and colored all over my bed and door with a pen he found
He also scribbled all over my sliding glass door and back porch with a permanent black marker, colored on his door with crayon and has colored on other walls. Thank goodness for magic erasers.

I don't know what it is, but no matter how hard we try to keep those writing utensils away from him the easier it is for him to find a stray one. Oh well, he's been loving the sidewalk chalk, that's for sure!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm back...

If you want to know what I have been up to lately, I will tell you. I was sick and exhausted for two months and I am barely starting to feel normal again. My energy is returning and I don't want to throw up when I think about shrimp. Life is good.

For the past week I've been working on getting my house back to normal. My biggest problem was laundry. This is embarrassing to admit, but I'm pretty sure I filled my laundry chute. To the very tippy top. Plus there was probably more laundry on the floor in front of the chute. While I was sick I was doing laundry on an "as needed" basis. As in, oh crap, we are out of underwear, I will do a load of laundry while we all hang out naked. (TMI? Maybe. My reality? Close to it.)

Anyway, as soon as I started feeling better I immediately jumped on the issue of our massive mountain of clothes, but was finding that doing one load of laundry at a time was not getting the job done. I was getting so frustrated with it that one day I loaded the car with everything: clothes, towels, sheets, comforters, drapes, yes, underwear (lots of it) and headed to the nearest Laundromat where I spent a few hours getting it all done at once.

Here's another embarrassing tid-bit. I filled FIVE 40 pound washing machines. Ummmm....I REALLY needed to catch up on laundry. Although in my defense there are a few comforters in there!

The laundromat has never looked so GQ:

My cute little hams
Which is what Jordan wants to name the baby. Ham.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Life is kind of funny. A few months ago we were very comfortable. Benji had a job in Brigham City, ten minutes away from our house, he was getting ready to purchase the practice next January, we were planning on living in Brigham City the rest of our lives and maybe buying a bigger home in the next 5 years. Then one day Benji came home from work with news that has changed our lives. The dentist Benji had been working for decided not to follow through with his end of their written contract and not sell Benji his practice. He gave Benji the choice to work until the end of the year, but Benji decided not to continue working in a practice that would not be his anyway.

Luckily for us, Benji had been working in Salt Lake for one day a week for awhile leading up to this surprise. Benji was basically making the same amount in Salt Lake working one day a week as he was working 16 days in Brigham City, so quitting in Brigham City was very easy since we were already used to living on that amount of money anyway. We are very blessed and grateful to have that Salt Lake job.

As soon as Benji found out the news from Brigham City he immediately went on the internet to search for practices for sell. It just so happens that there was a practice listed in Bountiful and Benji jumped on it. We made calls and visits and soon we were informed that the the selling dentist wanted to sell to Benji. The practice looks good, is in a great location and was being sold for a GREAT price. We were going to get a great deal on a great practice. But first we had to get funded so we could buy the practice.

So for the past few months Benji has been working on gathering any kind of paperwork known to man to fax or email to the banks. It has taken a LONG time. He would send a bunch of stuff thinking that would be the last of it and then they would email him the next day with another list. It was like buying a house, but WAY more paperwork.

But it finally paid off when he received the phone call today that informed him they would fund his purchase. WAHOO!! We are so excited.

So, now we have to sort out our housing situation. We think we will put our house up for sell soon, but we don't know.

Life is definitely funny though. What at first we thought was the end of the world ended up being a better opportunity for our family. The practice we are buying is a lot cheaper, a lot busier, a lot bigger and will probably end up being a better fit for us.

Now, for all of you on Facebook, you could help us out by becoming a fan of Benji's new practice by liking Bountiful Dental:!/pages/Bountiful-Dental/111914275560295

P.S. I will resume my normal blogging sometime soon. I'm starting to feel like a normal human again! I have my second appointment on Monday, so look forward to pictures of the ultrasound.