Thursday, July 26, 2012

Baby food

During dinner I feed Hannah a few bites of baby food in between eating my own bites. I must have turned my head for a few moments too long because the next thing I know, Hannah has dumped out her food and was smearing it everywhere. She was SO happy about it.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

4th of July

 We had a relaxing Independence day this year. It's funny to think that last 4th of July I was exactly half way done with my pregnancy. Now I have a beautiful 8 month old daughter.

I bought her the dang cutest boots ever to go with her tu-tu and firework shirt, but she didn't like wearing them. She did love chewing on them and playing with them though.

My all American beauties. 

We went to a BBQ at Benji's grandparents house. I brought this lovely overload of chocolate.
 I felt dumb at first that I didn't bring something more patriotic, but then I realized I made my own version of the black-and-white cookie. This is now my 4th of July Civil Rights cake.

There was a fun slip-n-slide and pool that all the kids had fun on.

Hannah and the Ninja eye.

Then we watched fireworks while eating popcorn and licorice.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This year we went to 7 11 early in the day on free Slurpee day because last year we went in the afternoon and it was CRAZY. This year we were able to pick from any of the flavors and we didn't have to wait in line...oh, and they had cups, last year they ran out.

The boys had fun, but just like last year couldn't focus on a picture with a delicious Slurpee in their hands!


 Jordan is terrified of thunder. It was stormy when he went to bed a few nights ago and went to bed with his hands over his ears. This is what happens when you fall asleep covering your ears. Poor kid! :)

Hannah 8 months

 Hannah is getting easier to get cute pictures of because she smiles a lot easier for the camera than she ever has before, but for some reason when I tried to get an 8 month picture of her I had a hard time.

First of all she wouldn't look at me...her brothers are cooler than me.

Once in a while I'd get a good one of her smiling.

But then she started screaming. Not a mad scream, but an excited, "I want to attack my brothers" scream.

And she wanted them to pick her up.

And I tried to get them to stand right behind me, so she would smile at me, this is the best we could come up with.

Then she started blowing spit bubbles.

Then she started screeching some more! 

Then she got bored.

So she decided to play in the grass.

*smirk* "My plan worked. She didn't get a single good picture of me." -Hannah

Well, here goes nothing!

I'm actually going to post something right now. Hopefully this post will be followed by a few more shortly, but I better just focus on one at a time because I have lots to catch up on.

We've been super busy around here with all the fun activities that come with summer. Although these activities are great and fun, sometimes it really kills my homemaking skills, or maybe just the time I have to spend on cleaning.

One crazy week my dishwasher broke. So not only did I have massive amounts of dishes because of parties, dinners and stuff, but I had to wash them all by hand, and I got really behind.......
REALLY behind. (This is probably the most embarrassing picture I've ever posted on the internet.)

Hope you are all having fun this summer, and I hope your dishwashers don't break.