Thursday, March 14, 2013

A few things

Sometimes when I babysit Hannah has to take a nap in my room. I just loved she looks zonked out on a huge bed.

She is becoming more independent and insisting on feeding herself and drinking out of a big kid cup--no more sippy cups for this gal.

Her hair is super duper long, but because it's curly you can't tell. This was right out of the bath the other day, it looks like I'm yanking on her head, but I'm just straightening out her curl to show that it goes to her shoulder.

Her hair is also super curly right out of the bath.

Hannah is also a vulture. As soon as a meal is over, she will swoop down and feed off the tid bits of food left over on all the plates.

Uh, yeah, check out that hair. She looks like an old woman. Haha

We did this one night we drew faces on the boys chins. I loved doing this when I was little and my boys thought it was HILARIOUS! I wish I had a video of their reactions. 

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