Thursday, May 30, 2013

I love to post pictures of Hannah

 I really do have pictures of the boys, I'm getting to their pictures, but for now here is a whole post of more pictures of the little princess.

She wakes up with the best hair! It's defying gravity.

This hair picture I wanted to sneak a candid shot, but she saw that I was about to take it and hurried and gave her best "smile."

One morning I looked over and she was giving me a subtle hint that she was hungry.

We were in Costco the other day when Hannah started yelling, "OH! OH! Dess! Dess! OH!" She was so excited about this tutu. She held it up to herself and patted it and hugged I had to buy it. I've never had a child get excited about clothes before

Helping dad in the garden

She found a worm!

Joking with mom one morning.

She's not always a little angel, sometimes she needs a timeout. 

 15 minutes before we headed out the door one day she rubbed syrup in her hair so we washed it in the sink. She was mad.

She was okay though.

I had to take a picture of how long her hair really is. Those curls are deceiving, her hair really goes past her shoulders!
Man, I love this little girl!

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Kelsey said...

My goodness. This child.