Sunday, May 17, 2015

Jordan's Baptism

    Benji's dad and brother in-law, TJ, drove from Utah to North Pole to bring us a trailer full of our stuff that we loaded before we moved and a truck we bought in Utah. We knew it would be the only time we would have family here for awhile, so we planned Jordan's baptism for the Saturday they were here (May 2). It worked out perfectly, we were happy to have some family there with us.
     Jordan's program was special because he was the only getting baptized that day so he got to plan everything. He chose The Baptism Song for the opening song (because that one says his name), I said the opening prayer, Benji gave a talk on baptism, Ben gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, Jordan, Sam, and Hannah sang the song The Holy Ghost and Uncle TJ gave the closing prayer. Benji baptized and confirmed Jordan. It was a great day!

The men that were in the circle when Jordan was confirmed.  Bishop Garner, Ben, Benji, and TJ.

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