Monday, July 28, 2008

Homemade Baby Wipes

I LOVE making my own baby wipes. They are not only so much cheaper, but they aren't as harsh on Jordan's bum, and they make his skin super soft. I used to make disposable wipes from paper towels, but tonight I made my first batch of reusable wipes. I bought a few packages of baby wash cloths. They were on sale, and I had a gift card, which was an added bonus, because they ended up being practically free. Then I used this recipe for the wipes:

2 cups of warm water
1/8 cup of baby shampoo
1/8 cup of baby oil
a few drops of lavender oil
a tablespoon or so of aloe

I put all of the cloths in an old baby wipe container, but a Tupperware container with a lid would work as well. Then just dump the solution on top of the wipes and let them soak. I hear you can also leave the solution in a spray bottle and spray each wipe as you need them, but I usually have a squirmy, poopy toddler and it just wouldn't work.
I have been reading on-line and supposedly homemade wipes have a tendency to get moldy. I haven't ever had any of my wipes get moldy, but if you are wanting to make your own and you are worried here are some suggestions:

Tea tree oil is supposed to stop mold from growing, but some say the baby oil works for that as well. I also hear lavender oil helps keep the mold out. I have used both and haven't seen any problems, so maybe there is some truth to that. I also clean out the container before I make a fresh batch, and I only make one batch at a time. So there you go. I'm pretty excited to use my new soft wipes...just not so excited to wash them. :)

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Kelly said...

I love making my own wipes but I use bounty select a size paper towels and cut it into thirds with an electric knife. It takes me maybe 1/2 hour to cut up 6 rolls into 3rds making 18 wipe rolls. I store them dry and when I need a new batch just poor the mixture over the wipes and it's done. No washing and so much cheaper. I figured I can make 18 rolls (each of which has at least double the amount the commercial wipes of 40ct give you) for the price of 3 commercial wipe refills or about $6-8 depending on where I get the paper towels. Try it! No washing sounds tempting by now I am sure!!!