Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm back...

If you want to know what I have been up to lately, I will tell you. I was sick and exhausted for two months and I am barely starting to feel normal again. My energy is returning and I don't want to throw up when I think about shrimp. Life is good.

For the past week I've been working on getting my house back to normal. My biggest problem was laundry. This is embarrassing to admit, but I'm pretty sure I filled my laundry chute. To the very tippy top. Plus there was probably more laundry on the floor in front of the chute. While I was sick I was doing laundry on an "as needed" basis. As in, oh crap, we are out of underwear, I will do a load of laundry while we all hang out naked. (TMI? Maybe. My reality? Close to it.)

Anyway, as soon as I started feeling better I immediately jumped on the issue of our massive mountain of clothes, but was finding that doing one load of laundry at a time was not getting the job done. I was getting so frustrated with it that one day I loaded the car with everything: clothes, towels, sheets, comforters, drapes, yes, underwear (lots of it) and headed to the nearest Laundromat where I spent a few hours getting it all done at once.

Here's another embarrassing tid-bit. I filled FIVE 40 pound washing machines. Ummmm....I REALLY needed to catch up on laundry. Although in my defense there are a few comforters in there!

The laundromat has never looked so GQ:

My cute little hams
Which is what Jordan wants to name the baby. Ham.


Stephanie said...

Those are the most GQ kids I have ever seen. How did you get them to pose like that? I think Ham would work great. It would totally go along with your scripture name theme.

Kristin said...

I think nothing produces more laundry than first trimester, new baby, and moving. Good luck!