Monday, August 1, 2011


My calling in our ward gives me the chance to help out with scouts and go to pack meetings. I have loved getting to know the scouting program and I'm excited for the time when my boys are scouts because I've seen what a positive thing it can be in lives of some boys. My boys love that they get to go to scouts and have enjoyed pretty much every pack meeting we have attended. Last week we went to Box Elder campground to roast hotdogs and smores and explore the wilderness around us.

My boys loved it, and are begging to go back already. Their reaction to playing at the campground made me want to return soon too because I could tell they genuinely had a great time. Jordan kept saying, "I had a SUPER fun time!" and "thanks for taking us to the campground!" They were gushing all the way home on what a fun time they had.

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