Friday, October 7, 2011

Bruises and black eye

Sam has been smashing up his face lately (poor guy). I was trying to get a picture of his black eye and other boo-boos, but it wasn't going as planned because Jordan wanted in on the photo shoot.

1st here is Sam's face. He has a black eye because he was doing a bunny dance and smashed into the coffee table, he has a bruise under his lip because he face planted from his high chair onto the kitchen table and he has the bloody chin from face planting it from the couch onto our coffee table. Maybe we should get rid of all tables in our house?

Anyway, as I was trying to get a picture, Jordan slowly started sneaking in the picture, just a little bit at first:
Then a little more:
Then he wiggled in the picture completely, I'm not sure if Sam appreciated it.

P.S. This was right after Sam's bath and right before Jordan's, so that is why 1) they are naked. 2) the bed is wet and 3) why Jordan has a messy messy face.

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