Thursday, October 6, 2011

New floors

My dad came and helped me tear out the carpet in our hallway a few weeks ago. My front room has hardwood floors and they actually continue through the entire top level of my house, so we sanded and stained the hall and now I don't have to worry about the gross carpet that used to be there! I love hardwood floors because not only do they look nice, but I don't have to freak out every time my kids walk on them.
The smell of the finish that we put on top of the floor was SO strong that I thought we would have to sleep at Benji's parents house that night. Luckily a breeze started blowing through the house that evening and the smell kind of went away. The boys had a slumber party in the basement bedroom. They loved sleeping on the floor and they were being such hams right before bed.

That weekend was a crazy packed weekend of house improvements. Benji and his dad fixed up our deck with stain and deck restore, Benji's mom painted our downstairs bedroom and my dad did the hall while I kind of helped, but mostly sat on the couch. Thank you to everyone for your help, it's nice to get home improvement projects done now because if it takes awhile to sell our house at least we can enjoy them for awhile!

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