Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bedtime, naptime and other randomness

Last night I had a great idea to get a picture of Jordan, Sam, Hannah and me right before bedtime. I set everyone on the bed, set the timer on the camera and held it above my head. They didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, but they definitely have more personality! Yes, Hannah is attacking me, her foot was in my eye, her hand was in my mouth, it was greeeat.

I have a million pictures of Hannah sleeping. Every time I check on her I think she looks so cute. Here are some of them.

I love when she'll be playing and all of a sudden zonk out.

 She's not the only one that will randomly zonk out. Look at that adorably dirty face.

I think she looks so cute on her changing table.

She loves receipts

And her brothers (and I love her crazy hair!)

She's also getting very grabby. Anything that is in front of her she reaches for and grabs...and she's fast! I have to be very careful when I'm holding her. A few days ago we were walking in my room and she swiped a picture off the wall.
 Anyway, one day I was clearing out her dresser of all the clothes she has outgrown. I left the room for a few minutes and came back to find her buried in the pile I had made behind her. She had reached behind her and grabbed the clothes. She thought it was funny, but started crying before I could get a picture.

Hannah also covers her ears with her arms all the time. She does it if there is a loud sound, if she's unsure of something, if she's scared, if she doesn't know somebody. She does it all the time. It actually is pretty cute and funny most of the time. For awhile it started to freak me out because I thought she maybe had something wrong with her ears or head. (I worry a lot about Hannah.) I talked to the pediatrician about it and she probably does it for comfort.

  Hannah is getting a little too big for her tub. Look at those legs! Haha.

The other day was cold and rainy, so we warmed up with hot chocolate and warm chocolate chip cookies. I love baking with my boys!

The other day the boys had fun with shaving cream on the table.

Sam drew pictures.

Jordan drew letters.

Mostly they loved how it felt.
Then Sam decided to do this...I'll let you decide how it ended! :)

You know it's laundry day in our house when Jordan and Sam are wearing their swimsuits and not swimming. It was the only thing they had clean! Thank goodness it's not winter! :)

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