Saturday, June 23, 2012

week 21 and 22

June 10 -23

Sam ran over a snail on his trike, he was pretty distraught that he "crunched" the snail and cried as he yelled for me, "Mom, scoop him up! Scoop him up and saaaaave him!" I felt bad, but I really didn't want to scoop up a smashed snail.

Sam: Can we watch that goose that laughs funny? (Woody Woodpecker)

The boys were in the backyard playing with a huge stick. They started walking to the side of our yard so I stuck my head outside, "what are you guys doing?" Without any hesitation (or fear) in his voice and without slowing down, Jordan matter-of-factly stated, "oh, we're going to go poke a hornet's nest."

Jordan was running around our house one morning and slipped and fell, "phew! I just goed ice!"

Me: Jordan you have two more minutes on the computer and then you need to go play.
Jordan" No, that's impossible!

One day I look outside to find Sam throwing a pair of Benji's underwear around the backyard. (Yeah.) I opened the door and said, "those are dad's underwear! Bring those inside right now, they aren't a toy!" I walked away and a few seconds later Sam comes inside with them on his head. He looked so confused as he said, "these aren't dad's hair!" (He thought I said hair instead of underwear!!)

One day I was walking around our front room and said out loud (mostly to myself) "This floor feels sticky, but I just mopped it, why is it sticky!?" Jordan piped in with, "Sounds like a mystery."

Jordan: The shadow of my foot looks like a spork.

One morning I walked into the kitchen to find Jordan eating a granola bar and some other snacks from the cupboard. I told him when he's hungry he needs to ask for snacks. He said okay and sorry and then got this funny sly look on his face and said, "I was like a ninja wasn't I?"

Sam was telling me a story about Grandma and Grandpa Hadfied's house. Twice he mixed up his words and said, "Hadma Granfield." It made me giggle.

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