Tuesday, August 14, 2012


A few months ago Hannah had a pretty nasty cough. It didn't seem to be that bad, but one day she was having a tough time breathing. She was happy, talkative, eating well and didn't have a fever so I didn't think it was too bad, but I took her to an instacare clinic anyway. Her oxygen level was at 92% (which they said is ok, not great, but ok. They hospitalize if its under 90%). They gave her a breathing treatment at the clinic (pictured above) and then gave her a prescription for a steroid.

Then they called two days later and told me she had RSV. I swear I feel like the world's worst parent. I'm pretty sure if I take her to the hospital one more time they are going to take her away from me. Okay, probably not, but I still feel guilty.

I'm pretty sure Hannah is going to be one tough girl/woman. She has already survived meningitis and RSV all before she turned one.


Mindy said...

Poor baby! She looks so sad. :(

Jessica C. said...

I'm sure that you know deep down inside that none of her sicknesses are your fault... Right? You are SUCH a good Mom!! She's a cutie!