Friday, April 10, 2015

Our new car

I wasn't planning on writing a post about our car, but I've been scrolling through all our pictures looking for what to write about next and I spotted this one. The reason I have to share this picture is because this is the first vehicle we've owned that actually has a third row. Our family car up until this point was a hatchback Ford Focus. It was tiny, but it worked. I have to say, having the kids spaced out a little has really cut down on car fights and my boys can buckle themselves!! Best. Thing. Ever.

I think I already posted about this, but if you notice the cord sticking out of the front of the car, it's actually a plug. We live somewhere so cold that in the winter we have to plug our cars in. 

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Ben Hadfield said...

Hi this is mom H - not dad. I just logged in and had so much fun looking at the photos. For some reason I have not checked your blog for awhile and didn't realize you had all the recent posts. Thanks so much, it makes it feel not so far away!!!