Monday, December 8, 2008

The Disney Ninja

I bet you didn't know that Friday was a holiday. I sure knew. I heard all about it all week from my excited husband. Friday was the Day of the Ninja. We had to do something pretty cool to celebrate such an awesome occasion, so we went to Disneyland.

This is how Benji celebrated the special day. Can you find the ninja?

Ninja Benji is saving scared little Jordan from all of the aliens.

We had so much fun, but couldn't believe how stinkin' busy it was! We were able to get on a lot of rides and even see a few shows, but it still was crazy! There were periods of time where we couldn't even move because of how many people there were. They had everything decorated for Christmas and of course it was magnificent and over the top! Disney goes all out for holidays! There was even snow! Jordan loved it!

Looking at the ducks.
On the airplane ride with dad.
Same ride...hello close up!!
We're flying!!!
Jordan loves the waterfalls!

It's tough to be a bug 3-D show.
Jordan found his favorite letter!

After dinner Jordan got a cupcake. Yummmm!

Magic Disney snow!!


Gerritnow said...

Hey, I love your photos..they are really nice...

BreAna Palmer said...

how much fun. Disneyland is my favorite. I wish I was able to go as much as you guys.

Ashley said...

Oh wow. Your husband is so very one of a kind.

Mardi and Jeremey said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! I have to be honest, before I read what you wrote, the ninja was a little creepy. hahahaha, but once I found out that it was your husband and he wasn't some crazy person on a roller coaster, I felt better.

Melissa said...

He was a crazy person on the roller coaster...I just happened to know him :)