Monday, December 1, 2008

Don't forget to check the pockets

I am usually pretty good about checking pockets before throwing things in the washing machine, but today I must of been in a bit of a hurry. There was a mischievous little package of tissues left in a pocket somewhere.

tissues + washing machine = LOTS and LOTS of chunky wet pieces of paper ALL over everything.

I've never had to use a lint roller on my clothes before folding them. Oh well. I learned a valuable lesson.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to my laundry life! I swear I check Chris' pockets, even twice, but it never fails that the little white pieces of receipts or random paper or gum gets washed with everything else! I think I should just cut his pockets so nothing can stay in there!

Mardi and Jeremey said...

I hate checking the pockets when I am doing laundry, but I have had so many chapsticks and other random items ruin things that I force myself to suffer through the checking.

BreAna Palmer said...

my favorite thing about doing laundry is that linc forgets to check his pocket and there will be money that gets washed and I figure that is payment to me. lol

Mark and Rachel McLean said...

Oh my gosh I did this too awhile back! Ha ha, so annoying but so funny. I learned my lesson too!