Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rainy Days

First of all, I have to say I told Benji he could wear his stupid "coolest shirt in the world" if 200 people became fans of it on Facebook. Well, he has some pretty loyal friends because it's working. I also have to add that I love nerdy things, I consider myself to be quite nerdy, but that shirt has crossed the nerdy line. It's like something a 40 year old, still living with mom and dad, 15 hours on the internet a day, socially awkward guy would wear. I know that isn't who I married and it makes me sick to see him wear it. (Shallow, I know. And yes, I am pouting!)

Oh well, I promised. I'll get over it. I love him.

Next, it's been rainy and cold here for a few days which means a lot of indoor play. Jordan doesn't like art projects, and my house is too tiny to run around in, so we've been heading to the mall everyday to get out and play. There is a little playground there and Jordan thinks it's pretty cool, plus I have been walking laps around the mall after he's done playing so I can get my exercise in for the day. I love it because Jordan gets worn out while we are there, so he goes down easily for his nap.

Well, here are some pictures of him playing today. They would have been a lot better, but I didn't move from the spot I was in and every time I would be looking in the view finder ready to take a picture of Jordan a little girl (always the same one) would step in front of Jordan. Keep in mind she was staring right at me, I think she wanted her picture taken.
Jordan hasn't been able to find the blimp flying around lately, so Benji made him one last night. Jordan slept with it.

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