Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

I wanted to start the tradition of going to the temple with Benji on Valentine's day, but because I couldn't find a babysitter and we can't really afford a babysitter anyway we went and took pictures outside of the temple with Jordan. Jordan enjoys going to the temple because it has a lot of "waterfalls." Really it has a lot of fountains, but it's all the same to him.Benji's showing Jordan the bench we were sitting on when Benji proposed, but Jordan wasn't interested.

Benji and I agreed to not get gifts for each other, but we did enjoy lunch at Ruby Tuesday. Really it was just nice to spend time with him since he's been in Washington D.C. all week.

I had a great day with my two favorite guys! Love you both! Happy Valentine's Day!

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Martin Family said...

sorry if andy has encouraged benji to join in on "facial hair february", although i must admit he is looking more and more like the gladiator every time i see him! haha