Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Eve

We had a great Christmas Eve. We had a full day and when we weren't somewhere doing something I was in the kitchen cooking and baking.
We started the day off at a nursing home in Tremonton to give a little program. We read the Christmas story and even had a few actors to help out. We didn't get as many helpers as we thought we would have because some of them were sick, so we had Mary, Joseph, a shepherd, a sheep and an angel.

Jordan was the angel. His costume made me giggle, he did not like it at all! It's a long dress tucked up into his pants. :)

Sam was a sheep. He kept pulling the cotton balls off his head so as the afternoon wore on his hat became a little lopsided and funny looking, but of course he was still cute and charmed everyone.

We sang some Christmas Hymns...

And then Benji did a little Christmas rap while my kids danced...because nothing says Christmas spirit like MC Hammer.

I had to take pictures of the old people while they watched Benji. They were not amused.

Sam would walk up to this woman and jump. She would smile at him and he loved it. I looked at this picture a week after I took it and laughed out loud for a long time. Sam has the same hairdo as that lady and most of the rest of them in this photo. I didn't realize it at the time! :)

We then got ice cream cones and then off to Grandma and Grandpa Hadfield's for soup dinner.
Then the annual white elephant game.

But the Hadfield white elephant gifts are actually pretty cool! A huge bag of M&Ms just for him! What a lucky guy!

I made sure to get a family picture at every party we went to. So here is the first of many!

Then we went home, got in our Christmas jammies, made cookies for Santa, and read the Christmas story. The frosting on my cookies was supposed to be red, but it turned out hot pink.

The boys each got a cookie before brushing teeth and off to bed.
Some of them tried to steal another one when nobody was looking.

After Santa left his presents under the tree, I had to take pictures of all the decorations in the room because there was this awesome magical light in the room...

It made everything look beautiful.

Proof that I was there!
And, because I like to keep it real, I'll let you know that not everywhere in my house looked magical. After a day of making soup, cookies, Christmas breakfast and everything else this is what my kitchen looked like.
It's like an I Spy photograph. I spy a box of tissues, a video camera, and a large bag of chocolate chips. Okay, that was a joke, you don't have to stare at this picture any more than is necessary. Hahaha.

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Jessica C. said...

Oh my goodness, you're interior decorating is amazing. And thanks for shring documentation of the nursing home visit!