Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning started with our traditional breakfast. I look forward to this breakfast all year long and I've had it as long as I can remember. It's creamed eggs over homemade rolls (that I forgot to bake, so it was toast this year) with little smokies and juice.

Then we started opening up presents. The boys were so excited and happy to see that Santa came and left them gifts under the tree, they were also excited that he ate his cookies.

We don't have too many present opening pictures because we filmed the whole thing.

Sam opening up his Alien from Jordan. It was a hit!

Sam also got a cool basketball hoop from Santa that plays music and teaches numbers.

Jordan opening up the mailbox he asked Santa for. (Don't tell him that it's a baby toy, it's what he reallllly wanted!)

Opening his sing-a-ma-jig! These things are so cute, both the boys got one.

Then we opened up presents in out stockings. When I was growing up Santa wrapped everything in our stockings and we loved it. So now Santa wraps everything in my boys stockings. I do have tons of stocking pictures. This is only a few....

This is the face Jordan would pull after opening every present. He would say, "WOW! Wow, this is cool. Wow!" This is a Matchbox car that says "Goodyear" on the side of it. Jordan was impressed.

Jordan's favorite color is purple. He always asks for purple cups, but we only have one, so he got a few more in his stocking.

Sam mostly loved the chocolates.

Showing dad his Goodyear car.

The boys in their new clothes from Santa with all of their presents....

During Sam's photo shoot he started kissing his stuff.


Melissa said...
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Rachel said...

Melissa your boys are so sweet! I love the looks on their little faces in these pictures. You can tell that they are so happy, excited, and really thankful for all they received. I love those pictures at the end with all of the presents, I think it is great that you don't spoil them rotten with too many gifts! So cute!