Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hannah: part two

When the hospital called to tell me what time to be to the hospital they didn't mention anything about fasting. You think I would remember since I've had a few c-sections already, but I wasn't sure. Just to be on the safe side I decided I would fast. The morning started out fine, I kept silently reminding myself to stay away from food and the kitchen. Then Sam needed to eat breakfast. He wanted Special K with strawberries, but we had Cheerios open, so I gave him some of those and while trying to convince him that they would taste delicious I ate a bunch of them. Yeah, I know, pretty dumb.

After realizing my dumb mistake at the hospital I informed my nurse, who informed the anesthesiologist, who then came in my room and basically gave me a "what were you thinking" talk, and told me we had to push the surgery to 3:00.

I was okay with that since it was just a few extra hours anyway, and I was able to sneak in a little nap before everything happened. Well, 30 minutes later my nurse came back in to tell me that my doctor wouldn't be able to be there until 5:00 that evening. BLAH. I was pretty bummed I had to stay in bed at the hospital that long, but I had to convince myself the time would go by (even if it was slowly) and we were still going to have baby that day. The biggest regret I have (besides eating the Cheerios) is that I didn't eat a big meal. I mean if I was going to ruin my surgery time by eating I wish it had been pancakes and eggs and orange juice. I had to sit there all day with only a few handfuls of Cheerios in my tummy. I was starving.

Some doctors make you have a liquid diet for a few meals after having c-sections, but luckily my doctor isn't one of them. I could eat whatever I wanted after surgery and I had my meal order in my head all day. It's all I could think about, which maybe is a good thing because I wasn't worrying about my upcoming surgery all day.
Find out what my meal of choice was and much more soon...... :)

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