Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hannah 8 months

 Hannah is getting easier to get cute pictures of because she smiles a lot easier for the camera than she ever has before, but for some reason when I tried to get an 8 month picture of her I had a hard time.

First of all she wouldn't look at me...her brothers are cooler than me.

Once in a while I'd get a good one of her smiling.

But then she started screaming. Not a mad scream, but an excited, "I want to attack my brothers" scream.

And she wanted them to pick her up.

And I tried to get them to stand right behind me, so she would smile at me, this is the best we could come up with.

Then she started blowing spit bubbles.

Then she started screeching some more! 

Then she got bored.

So she decided to play in the grass.

*smirk* "My plan worked. She didn't get a single good picture of me." -Hannah


Camille and Paul said...

you're funny. She's cute.

kelseyluella said...

She's so big now!