Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Well, here goes nothing!

I'm actually going to post something right now. Hopefully this post will be followed by a few more shortly, but I better just focus on one at a time because I have lots to catch up on.

We've been super busy around here with all the fun activities that come with summer. Although these activities are great and fun, sometimes it really kills my homemaking skills, or maybe just the time I have to spend on cleaning.

One crazy week my dishwasher broke. So not only did I have massive amounts of dishes because of parties, dinners and stuff, but I had to wash them all by hand, and I got really behind.......
REALLY behind. (This is probably the most embarrassing picture I've ever posted on the internet.)

Hope you are all having fun this summer, and I hope your dishwashers don't break.


Kristin said...

Ha ha ha, in fact, my dishwasher DID break and 3 1/2 weeks later is still broken. Hope yours got fixed quick.

kelseyluella said...

FINALLY! If I comment on every post will it motivate you to post even more? :) haha