Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

 So you know how everyone loves to say that time flies? It does, and it's crazy how fast it can, but I have to admit, with Jordan I feel like the first five years of his life have felt exactly like 5 years. I don't think they've gone that fast. I think it probably is because he and I had two years to ourselves before Sam came along. Sam's life, on the other hand, has flown by! Sometimes I don't even remember him as a baby. Now I'm sure the rest of elementary school will fly by and before I know it he will be graduating, but for now I will be happy that it feels this way!

That being said, it was still tender sending my big boy off to Kindergarten. He was so excited to go and so so ready. I didn't cry when I dropped him off, but the week before his first day of school I would get teary thinking of it.

We took a ton of pictures, of course.

I had to take a picture of his new clothes set out on the couch the night before.

We started the day out with pancakes and eggs.

We played for a while and then it was off to school. 

He was so excited about his new Angry Birds backpack. 

Goofing off with Sam.

He was so mad that I bought a plaid shirt for him to wear. He did not want to wear a "handsome" shirt. So I only made him wear it for pictures. He still hasn't worn that shirt to school yet, he refuses. 

He is getting to be one photogenic little creature. It makes me happy! :)

Giving one last hug to Sam.

Then off to Foothill. This is the same elementary school that Benji attended. Pretty cool!

He was not shy about running into class, grabbing his name tag, and getting started on puzzles. 

So far his favorite thing is recess and he has a new best friend named Abby. It is adorable hearing him talk about her. Sometimes when I ask him what he did at school he will just talk about Abby. She's really fast and loves the slide. :)

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