Sunday, September 16, 2012

Park City--part 4: Heber Valley Railroad

 We headed over to Heber for our last day of our vacation to ride on the Heber Creeper.

We were all excited for a ride on a train.

And it was so much fun at first.

It was super hot, but it was still fun.

Then the train stopped and there was a loud ruckus and my children were scared.

And then "train robbers" entered the train.

 And as the robbers got closer to us Jordan was near tears. These next four pictures were taken in ten seconds. The guy saw how scared Jordan was and tried to make it up to him by giving him a chocolate.

Sam was fine once he had chocolate.

Jordan was still scared.

This is the face that Jordan makes when he is trying not to cry.

Then, I think we convinced him that everything was okay.

She wasn't phased by any of it. 

She loooooves her brothers.

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Stephanie said...

Hannah looks like you! Also, Wes has the same shirt as Sam.