Sunday, April 28, 2013

Just some awesomeness brought to you by the Hadfields.

 Some more craziness in the world of Hannah's hair.

 I've actually had to start adding a tiny tiny bit of conditioner to the ends of her hair when I wash it because it's not just curly, it's also very fine so it knots up so easily. She wakes up with lint knotted in her hair. I'm sick of cutting it, and so far the conditioner is working. Anybody else have curly headed girls? How in the world do you keep it nice!?

This is Hannah's face when I rock her at night and I tell her to close her eyes. :)

She has started folding her arms for prayers. Today in church she yelled (I mean, seriously as loud as she could), "AMEN!" after every prayer.

I found her outside the other day yelling, "I want weeee!" over and over again. That means she wants to be pushed. Weeeee means fun, I guess.

You know you have kids when you go to pour a bowl of cereal and this comes plopping out. P.S. I know I shouldn't be embarrassed that I was eating Captain Crunch, but I am. 

Benji thought it was so funny to pose the kids on the fridge a few weeks ago. It just so happened that their faces were on the fridge.

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Kelsey said...

We were talking last night about how we couldn't go without our little kiddish cereal. But it's too good.