Thursday, November 13, 2008

100th post

Welcome to my 100th post! I decided since I always talk about Jordan that my 100th post will be all about me! So here are 20 random facts about me....

  • I don't drink the milk out of my cereal bowl.
  • I can throw an NFL sized football 47 yards. Or at least I used to be able to.
  • I'm afraid of garbage disposals.
  • My favorite food is lobster.
  • I've watched almost every episode of the new 90210. On accident.
  • I have a hard time calling people by a nickname, unless I gave it to them.
  • Steve Young once told me to follow him around the room.
  • I own a 9mm Glock, and I have a concealed firearm permit in Utah.
  • I don't like The Princess Bride. And believe me that's not a cool thing to dislike in the Mormon culture.
  • 90% of the time I get ready or finish getting ready in the car.
  • I know how to catch a fish AND clean it.
  • I probably own 100 pairs of shoes.
  • When I graduated from high school I was the last person to receive their diploma. Yes, I'm oddly proud of that.
  • I've been pulled over once. I didn't have my driver's license with me, proof of insurance, and my car wasn't registered and I didn't get a ticket. (The officer got called to a domestic dispute.)
  • That last fact about me is the most irresponsible I have ever been behind the wheel.
  • I want to be a foster parent.
  • I don't know how or why, but I have Ever After memorized.
  • I'm allergic to artificial cinnamon flavor. Which is sad because I love hot tamales and chocolate covered cinnamon bears. If I eat them I get canker sores all over my tongue and down my throat!
  • I took the flag football class at USU 4 times. (Not because I failed, I just loved it.)
  • I have to eat multi-colored candies in a pattern.

Haha. I just realized two of the three pictures I posted of me are me pregnant...and it's not the one of me in the wedding dress. I think I've been married and pregnant longer than I've been married and not pregnant.


Julie said...

You are tagged! Go to my blog to find out. (I loved this post by the way.)

Matt and Jenni said...

I love learning things like this about people! And that Bridal picture is so pretty...And I can't believe you don't like Princess Bride!!!! (I had to say it, you know I did!)

Stephanie said...

What a good 100th blog. I am sad to hear you are allergic to cinnamon bears. I have a theory about EverAfter. Do you remember up at USU when the neighbors fire alarm went off at 4:00am (and did not get turned off for about 7 hours) at the apartment next to us and they were all home for winter break, and the only thing we could do to get piece was watch EverAfter with the volume up?

Benji said...

That's my woman!

Melissa said...

It's a good theory, but i think I had the movie memorized before that fateful night. That was pretty awful, wasn't it?
Also, it's okay about the cinnamon bears. I actually thought the cankers happened to everyone and then Benji learned in dental school that a few people are allergic. So, I've been eating them my whole life, and I can keep on doing it, but I know the consequences.

Ali said...

wait a minute! I thought the first one was before you and Benji were married? Hm?

It's fun to know random facts about you. When do you ever blog about yourself, you know? It's a fun change. Nice to meet you. Ha, ha.

Hope you're feeling great!

Melissa said...

I was the same thing for Halloween two years in a row. :) That picture I am pregnant AND married.

Mardi and Jeremey said...

I eat colored candies in a pattern too! Did you get your diploma last because you were on stage for student government? I wonder if I got mine at the end too. You are so funny Melissa. I am always entertained by your blog.

Camille and Paul said...

100 posts already? You are crazy woman. I love this post about you! You are such a cool cousin and best friend a girl could have. Can't wait to hang out!