Monday, November 10, 2008

Jordan's chore chart

I know Jordan is young, but I decided he was old enough to have a few chores. I made him a chore chart and he has 5 of them. He helps set the table, helps clean up his toys, he puts his dirty clothes in his hamper, he helps me put the recycling in a bag, and he brushes his teeth. Since we introduced the chore chart a few days ago Jordan has been so good at completing his chores. The funny thing is he does them with great joy. He LOVES helping out. The best part is he's so young he doesn't expect any rewards for helping, he does it because he likes it. I hope this enthusiasm for working hard stays with him!This is how Jordan sets the table...isn't it cute?

Putting his clothes in his lion hamper.

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Stephanie said...

I wish that I was that excited about my chores!