Friday, November 21, 2008


I'll start with a question.
How can one movie make an entire, sold out movie theater full of women act like 13 year olds? I'm not sure....but it can happen.

Now with the story.
Lately when I want to see a movie that Benji doesn't really care about, I'll wait until Jordan is sleeping and go by myself. Tonight I went to Twilight alone. This is just to make all of my Utah friends jealous, but I bought my ticket 30 minutes before the show started and had a great seat.
I didn't expect to enjoy the movie as much as I did, but I loved it! I have read all of the books and I think they are okay, but I don't love them. I think part of the reason I enjoyed the movie so much is because I knew the personalities of the characters so well from the books. So reading the books probably does make the movie better.

Here are things I loved about the movie:
Edward, Bella, Esme, and Alice. Jasper was my favorite character though...he made me laugh out loud every time I saw him.

The things I hated about the movie:
When Edward went in the sunlight and his skin sparkled...why did it have to make a sparkly noise? The noise ruined it!
Carlisle and Rosalee (the acting and personalities were fine, but they didn't look the part).
Bella's prom dress!!! (The Alice I know would not approve!)

One more thing. There were two or three girls (women really) sitting right behind me and every time they saw Edward, Edward and Bella together, Edward and Bella kissing, Edward and Bella talking, Edward and Bella touching they would screech, "EEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" Every time.


Grandma B said...

Thanks for the review. I have seen so many contradicting opinions on it I cant decide if I want to see it or not. But I have promised Becca we will go while she is here for Thanksgiving so I guess I am committed. I just think my impression of the people from the books will be ruined.

Matt and Jenni said...

No movie is EVER as good as the book. It just never happens. So I am nervous about seeing it, but I will on Monday (already bought my tickets). And I am IN LOVE with the books.... so I am screwed, apparently. I am doomed to hate the movie.... but, ya know, maybe I'll love it?

Melissa said...

No. I think you will love the movie! It really is good, there are just a few characters and things that weren't as I pictured them while reading the book.

Stephanie said...

I thought that Carlisle was the best cast for out the the vanpires. Rosalee in the movie is not the most beautiful woman in the world (like she is suppose to be). I am glad you liked it. Sorry about the EEEEeeeeers.

Melissa said...

I thought Jasper was the best cast vampire. Oh, how he made me laugh. I also loved Esme.

Ashley said...

Gross. I agree 100 percent with your sentiments. I love that you did that. I wish you would have called me, although, now that I know you did that, I think I am going to go. Tonight. Sorry, I am copying you.

Camille and Paul said...

agreed. agreed. Although, I was thinking...why didn't Edward take off his shirt like he was supposed to in the sun! :) And, I thought that Jacob was perfect and I thought that Esme wasn't quite right for the part either. But I loved, loved the flick. In fact, I would be totally up for seeing it again with you during the day to avoid any EEEEEE 'rs. Can't wait for the next one! Oh, and of course the sweet Harry Potter movie coming out! When is that happening?

Mardi and Jeremey said...

Okay, so here is my theory on Rosalee. She was turned in the 1920's...or whatever, when the most beautiful girl in the world may have looked like that (I'm reaching). I hated the sparkly music too!! I hated most of the movies soundtrack, but I did enjoy the movie. I think they did such a good job casting it. Bella's high school friends made me laugh.

Okay, but lets be honest about one other thing, the movie was obviously low budget. The special effects were horrible. There were a few times I had to hold my breath so I would start laugh out loud at serious parts. I mean come on! They could have made the vampires movements so much cooler.

Melissa said...

I agree. I was going to mention the special effects in my original post, but I think I was trying to give them a little credit because of the budget, but yeah the special effects were cheesy. Especially how the vampires moved...I didn't read anywhere in the books that they looked like monkeys or spiders.