Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm a frugal nerd

I feel stupid posting this since most of you reading this will receive one of these cards, but I am too excited about how frugal I am, I had to tell someone. I really want to send Christmas cards this year, but was a little discouraged by how much they cost. I was going to start looking at garage sales, but I think that would have taken me forever, so I checked out e-bay. I bid on a big set of cards and ended up winning. So I got 7 boxes of Christmas cards for 4.00. That includes shipping. I think I have enough cards for 2 years. Pretty funny.
Jordan even has some Cars cards to give his friends.

Now go and forget you ever saw these cards, and when you
receive one in the mail act so excited and surprised!


BreAna Palmer said...

Way to go. That is a deal in a half.

Stephanie said...

Now if I don't get a card this year I will be sad. But I am proud of you for making your money going farther.

Melissa said...

LOL! You will get a card. Do you have a preference? Just kidding, you'll get which ever one I send to you :)