Thursday, December 9, 2010


I noticed today that I've only blogged like 20 times in the past three months. That's mostly because I haven't had my big fancy camera, but I really have no excuse because I have had a camera to use so I do have pictures. Anyway, this is the first of many posts so I can finally catch up on blogging.

For Thanksgiving we went to Benji's aunt and uncle's house for a great traditional Thanksgiving dinner.Jessie and cute baby Matthew.

Watching football upstairs after dinner.

Julie and Sam

Making gingerbread houses.

Our finished product.

After two minutes in the car.

We then went to Benji's parents house to hang out with everyone. Here are all the cute boys. I tried to make them laugh by making a crazy silly noise. As you can see the only one that appreciates my humor is Sam.

And here is Jordan and mommy playing blimp. Yes, I am the blimp. He is in the gondola. Yes, he knows what a gondola is.

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