Thursday, December 9, 2010

Model Blimp

Jordan is in another blimp phase and there are some days when I feel like the worst mom ever because I get so annoyed with blimp stories and sounds. I don't tell Jordan this because I would break his tender heart, but I do try to change the subject. One day I told him, "Jordan, we should talk about something else." To which he quickly responded, "But mom I don't like airplanes, I like blimps!" I don't know why he assumed we would talk about airplanes, but there you have it, he is a boy with a passion for blimps.

So Jordan's super cute dad bought him a model blimp and they put it together. Here are a few pictures of Jordan holding the finished blimp. I tried to have him hold it straight out so you could see it better, but he would move his arms down before I had a chance to get a picture.

The blimp is now proudly hanging above his bed and he knows it is not to play with. It's cute to see Sam's copied enthusiasm for the model blimp, he really just loves everything Jordan does.


kelseyluella said...

the last picture of jordan is adorable!! It's so crazy how much he has grown up

Mandy said...

You guys are great parents!