Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I have so much to blog! So mannnnny things, it's a little overwhelming. After I posted that I was pregnant I wanted to leave that post up for awhile so I didn't post, then I had the miscarriage and wasn't in the mood to post, so I have lots of pictures and stories. I'll work on that soon.

Now, since I'm typing this on my husband's laptop I found some pictures that I never posted. They were taken in the summer at our family's cabin in Fairview. That was the trip I broke our camera so these were taken on our video camera. They are not great quality, but you can still tell how dang cute my children are! :)


Chris & Jen Palmer said...

The 'Gourly Gultch' pictures are so adorable!!

Cute new background!

kelseyluella said...

How come when Benji is holding the boys they look so happy, but when they're getting a picture with you they are struggling to get away? haha. But I do love the pictures, and their adorable matching hoodies... and jordan shooting at sam's head.

Kristin said...

So cute! Hey, we just moved to Cali and i was wondering where exactly you guys lived when you lived out here? Send me an email if you don't mind.