Thursday, December 9, 2010


Yes, that title says Halloween. I really am that far behind. I did post the family picture of all of us together, but here are the rest of the pictures.

For one party Benji and I were Chilean miners. After the first miner was pulled to safety Benji said, "I'm going to be a miner for Halloween!"

These next pictures are at our ward's trunk-or-treat.
Ummm...nice, I think he's telling me he wants more candy.

Because Jordan had practiced knocking on our front door and yelling, "Trick-or-treat!" all month long I took him to knock on a few doors.

We ended up back at Benji's grandparent's house to say hi and showoff costumes.

To infinity and BEYOND!

Then Jordan opened a sucker to eat and the photo shoot was over. I think these next photos belong on the blooper reel. They are pretty bad...

This one is bad, but it made me laugh for a long long time. Look at Sam!

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Camille and Paul said...

Cute! We might need to borrow that buzz light year costume at some is sweet!